March 8, 2013

The Curry Bowl in Fernie (2013)

This is the "Pad-Thai" Ron says it was pretty good. 

This is the "Kara-ge". I have eaten this same dish many times in the past and was longing for the flavor. Unfortunately for the second time around, the flavor was off and the peanut sauce wasn't added in.  I asked the waitress to please give me the sauce that comes with Karage and I was given a very strong tasting soy sauce instead. I told another waitress about the flavor being very different from what I remember and she realised the other waitress gave me the wrong sauce.  I wasn't very happy at this point. I wished we had just gone elsewhere for dinner. My prediction is - If they keep messing their food flavors this way, they will lose long time patrons like myself. I'm not interested in ever ordering "Kara-ge" ever again or will have to think twice about having dinner at the Curry Bowl.

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