February 2014

February 5, 2014. I flew back to Elko to help Ron with the final clean-up of the property before the deal is finally closed and turned over to the new owners. 

View from inside the plane. Below is the city of Kimberley, BC

The Cranbrook International Airport.  

Ron and I out for a walk in Cranbrook. There is snow on the ground. 

I don't like the snow on the ground. The wet, slushy, slippery kind. 

Elko: After all the clean-up is done, Ron and Eric inspect the property one last time.

Ron and Eric inspecting the pantry and making sure everything is clean and ready for the new owners.

Ron and Eric saying bye bye to the old Elko residence.

For many years, Elko was our home. But now it is time to move on.

I wish I brought my real camera on this night. This was the night the new owners came and Ron gave them a tour of the property to make sure they know everything they need to know about the property. I stayed out of the way and waited outside. 

Meow Meow - our outdoor cat was especially affectionate to me tonight. He wanted to lay down on my shoulders and gave me lots of hugs. He purred a lot. I felt as if he knew it may be the last time we would ever be together after all those years. Meow-meow will now be looked after by our neighbor  next door. Meow meow has lived in Elko all his life. He won't be able to survive Vancouver. I said my goodbye to him and thanked him for his friendship. I will miss him.

We stayed at Eric and Tim's home in Cranbrook for a few days and looked after their home while they went on Vacation.

This is Cranbrook. We won't be seeing it much anymore. 

After a few days in Cranbrook, Ron and I packed what we can in our small car and headed to Calgary to visit friends. This is a photo of Ron and Paul out walking in Calgary. 

Calgary, Alberta

My Photography on a wall in Bill's house.  

I went to visit old friends Marvinn & Beth and their kids. this was the first thing I saw upon waking up one morning. Nice home. 

A few days in Calgary and Ron and I are ready to travel to our new home in Vancouver. Here is Ron and Bill just before we drive away. 

Ron and I stopped for some coffee in Golden, BC that day we were driving to Vancouver. 

Rainy day in some places during the day we travelled… 

And we finally arrived in Vancouver to our new home. Here is an artwork Ron and I were deliberating on. One is of the ocean - wether to put it in the living room or in the bedroom. We decided, this artwork feels better in the bedroom. 

We decided this Artwork gave the best feeling for the living room.  A decision is made. 

January 26, 2016

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