March 14, 2013

I was hoping to go for a drive to Lethbridge today. But the weather was just not nice. So I decided to change my route. 

I thought I would turn around and head to Kimberley, instead. 

I listened to an audio book as I drove.. It made the lonely drive a bit more interesting. 

"The Pursuit of Happiness" - The audio book kept me company for hours. Will Smith read to me. 

Heading toward Fort Steele. 

Spring is definitely here. Gloomy days and lots of rain. Brrr!

Platzl, Kimberley

Platzl, Kimberley

Platzl, Kimberley

A bike shop used to be here. It looks like it burned down to the ground. 

The ruins. 

Interesting fire hydrant. 

Fenced Off

Platzl, Kimberley

Platzl, Kimberley

Platzl, Kimberley

Kimberley City Bakery and Tea Room. 

Kimberley City Bakery: Tea Room. I loved these!!!! 

Yummy!!!! The best ever!!! 

They also make awesome sausage rolls. 

The only traffic Light in Kimberley, BC

And that concludes my iPhone snapshots of the day... 

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