March 18, 2013

Today is Monday Morning. It has been a long night shift. I am tired and ready to go home and sleep. 

It was getting light out by the time I left work. 

Driving home now. 

I see all this snow and I just have had enough of it. Really! 

The drive from Elko to Fernie and Back is not something I particularly enjoy. 

I've had to drive many times through terrible road conditions in the winter. It always makes me nervous. 

In the winter, I drive like a grandma. 

meter on the sky - It gets dark. 

Meter on the trees - I get better photo.  I get home in a few minutes, sleep for 3 hours and then be at work in the afternoon. 

Here is a photo from my 2nd Job for the day. At the Gas station in Elko. 

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