May 16-31, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

So far, so good. Can you believe it? 5 months of the year has already gone! Tomorrow will be June 2009 already! Weather is fast improving here in Elko. For the past 2 weeks we had been enjoying wonderful warm weather. We had a few rains, but this last week was mostly sunshine! I had been enjoying cutting the grass and biking around the small town of Elko.

I now enjoy a fluctuating - but healthy weight of 139-141 pounds! I would like to be able to maintain this heathy weight for a long long time.

Spring Semester at the College of the Rockies has officially ended. I am almost done with all the requirements needed to gain entry into the License Practical Nursing Program in Cranbrook. Ron is now back working.

I miss all of you!

By the way, Happy Birthday to all the may Birthday Celebrants! Special mention ofcorse to Manong Ben, Manang Mei Cerezo, Jeannete Jaime, Nikka Antonio, Lilibeth Antonio, Marvinn Antonio, Doyet, Brenda Hill, Ate Imee, Auntie Pet, Auntie Lynn Floresca. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Big Hugs to all,

Rip and Richards, Fernie. I ordered the Hot and Spicy Chicken burger. The red onions still had the film in it. Everytime I had a bite , it was all stringy. It reminded me of a documentary film I had seen just recently about parasites found in meat. It was discusting! Ugggh! Plus it didn't taste any good at all. I will never order that burger from Rip and Richard's ever again! or make sure not to order anything that had red onions in it when I find myself in that restaurant.

Wall Art

you Like?

One of the things I enjoy watching at home. When the hummingbirds come for a "feeding". There must have been 9 hummingbirds in this shot alone!

I had seen this show on CBC. It was so good.

Dr. Oz and Oprah. I was watching TV one afternoon. . . ..

11 pounds of food! You can eat all of this in a day to provide you with all the daily requirements your body needs! Notice though - that is if you ate it as is. Raw. I guess if everyone ate food like this, none of us would be fat. No processed foods like cheeze or mayonaise, candy, cookies. Upon watching this show, I felt I now want to switch eating as much veggies as I can.

I had a moment there.

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

Taken in a Coffee Shop in Fernie, BC

I took this during the Spring Sem Closing Lunch that the ABE Class had last May 29, 2009. It was good to see other ABE students there. The food was wonderful!

Big Hugs to All,


May 1-15, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,
Thanks for all the e-mails! And the very brief but meaningful internet chat and phone calls. Sorry I am not online most of the time. I always check my e-mails though. I am happy to say that (finally), I have completed my Biology Course last May 14, 2009. I couldn't stop smiling after I had completed my final exam. I couldn't believe it was finally over! What was even better was when my instructor had e-mailed me my overall final grade of 93.3! an A! All that hard work finally paid off! But there is still more things I need to do. Now I have to work on all the required paperwork to get accepted for the September 2009 License Practical Nursing Course. So I am now off to another level of this new challenge. Overall, I am doing well. I am Happy. I Love you all! - Edgar

May 15, 2009 - Friday Afternoon.

May 15, 2009 - Friday Afternoon

May 14, 2009 - Thursday. At home, watching a home video of my very close friends.

May 14, 2009 - Thursday. I finally completed my Final exam for Biology today. Final overall grade = A! Such a great feeling!

May 9, 2009 - Saturday. Today I attended a Tarot card reading course. Very Interesting!

May 6, 2009 - Wednesday. Cranbrook, BC

May 4, 2009 - Monday

May 4, 2009 - Monday


April 16-30, 2009

When I get fat, my face gets fat as well. Not a good thing.

Dear Friends and Family, Here I am again with my bimonthly e-mail! I hope you enjoy my photo updates for April, 2009. Thanks to everyone who had sent me e-mails this month! So far so good. I am very close to finishing my Biology course. I can't wait to take a break from studying. I have also been working on my scrapbooks at home and I am Inspired everyday to live happy. I smile a lot more than I used to. I feel so much better too. Ron and I go out for our afternoon walks almost every other day. There had been some "snow and cold" events but It seems that that would be the last for snow this year. (Hurrah to that!) I Love you all! I Miss all of you!

This was taken at the shopping mall in Sparwood, British Columbia. It was just about closing time. Very empty.

This month, we had gone to the Frank Slide Town in Alberta.

From left : Joe, Chris, Drake and Myself.

At the Frank Slide Interpretive Center, Alberta, Canada. You see Frank in his wheelchair, and Ron looking at the displays. We had a great day that day. It was wonderful learning about the history of that town.

A Commemorative Quilt

I like this ring. I bought it in Calgary. It's Inspiring. It reflects so much light and different colors. Whenever I look at it, It reminds me to focus on the good and the power of positive thinking. I don't really wear jewelry, but when I saw this, I couldn't stop staring at it. Once it was coal that turned into a diamond.

One of the highlights from our trip just recently to Calgary. Ron and I found a Filipino Bakery. Oh my gulay! It felt just like home. They had siopao pinoy style, Maja Blanca, Puto, Kutchinta, Yema. Ang sarap! I wanted to eat everything on the display!

I saw this graffiti on an afternoon walk in Calgary, Alberta.

Paul. Deep in thought once again?

Follow the yellow line! heheh! Calgary, Alberta.

Charlie's Angels?

Look up man!

Ascending Stairs.

The Pedestrian and The Billboard.

Cowboy Boots!


One of my favorite spots in Calgary. I love to drink beer here at night. But I hide the beer ofcorse. I don't think it's allowed to be holding beer in public unless it's in a restaurant or a bar. In Baguio, me and my friends Antot, Marvin and Qryz used to drink our beer in a paper bag, during Panagbenga (baka kasi huliin kami ng pulis - embarrassing diba? hahah). We would walk up and down Session Road, drinking beer and enjoying the party music everywhere we went. People watching was one of my favorite hobby. It still is.

Natutuhan ko ng uminom ng Kape. Hindi ako mahilig mag Starbucks kasi letche naman O-A ang presyo no! It is when I started drinking coffee black that I got to love it. Na addict na yata ako sa kape!

$3.50 Kape. Magkano yun sa Pinas? Over ang presyo ano? ngek!

Kita ba ninyo yung nakaupong mama? Doon kami uminom ng beer sa gabi Hehe! That's where I took the night shot of Calgary! It's meant as a viewing area really. Kaya perfect viewing spot during the day and night.

Perspective. Lonely Man Walking.

Little Girls dancing at the Mall.

European Dancers at the mall!

Pinoy Product - seen at a specialty shop in Calgary. Biruin nyo, 20 Dollars! hehe!

Ron Inspecting his project.

We had gone to the Barrio Fiesta Filipino restaurant in Calgary, Alberta and I was so happy to taste so much Filipino Food there! I also met manong Junny! Thanks for being so friendly!

Figurines at the Eue Claire Market, Calgary Alberta.


January 26, 2016

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