03. March 2005

I made peace with silence and reminded myself that it is in this space that I will come to remember my spirit. When I am able to transcend an aversion to silence, I know I will also transcend many other miseries. And it is in this silence that the remembrance of God will be activated.

Only 4 months since I've arrived in Canada and already I have gained nearly 30 lbs from 150 to 177 (pushing 180). I didn't even realize I had gotten as fat as I did.

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw absolutely nothing wrong until I realized that I was always tired and that my heels were always painful. I couldn't walk properly anymore or stand on my feet too long because my heels kept hurting. The pain kept me from doing more than what I wanted with my days. I started dragging my feet when I walked...I was too heavy for my own good.

Took this picture in one of those days off work. This was taken in Fort Steele, BC. A historic "ghost" town.

An old abandoned house from the past. Just imagine, people used to live there. There were memories built from this once "home" I was by myself when I was exploring Fort Steele. The quietness of the place made me realize all those people who once lived there must be dead by now. What did they learn from life I wonder.

Joann and I watched hockey. It was the first time I've actually watched a hockey game and the first time I've heard the Canadian National Anthem played and sang.

January 26, 2016

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