April 2015

This is Bike before I did a DIY black paint on it. 

This is the Bike AFTER i did a DIY on it. 

A rainy morning - I still manage to bike. 

Taking a break 

The Harry Jerome Statue in Stanley Park looked different one morning. The head had IronMan mask on. Awesomely done and lasted 24 hours (Unknown Vigilante Artist). 

Trying on a helmet one day. 

Taking the Bike out from the Bike Room at the basement. This is how it all starts in the morning when I feel like going for a bike ride. 

Going to the Movies in April with our friend

Taken at the Burrard Bridge, Vancouver, BC

A Nikon Event at the Vancouver Aquarium. 

Testing some camera at the Nikon event. Hmm. Looks good. But super unaffordable.

The Vancouver Aquatic Centre.

The Aquarium 

The Aquarium was closed, but we had a bit of a glimpse of the aquarium without crowds

Looks so awesome

Fishes are so captivating

Testing another Nikon Camera on a ticket. 

A tree in Stanley Park. 

Fat Burger with friends

Ron and I went biking one morning! 

Ho Ho's Food. Davie Street, Vancouver

Beer at the Pumpjacks, Davie Street, Vancouver

Experimenting with Paint and color pencils

And it shall be given.

I was inspired by a christmas card from 2013

Jelly Fishes!!! 

Green Leaves in April

And I send love to you too as you read this.

January 26, 2016

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