September 2011

The morning clouds looked a bit strange this morning. They looked like space ships. hahaha.

Beautiful sky this morning!!!

Sunrise one morning as I was leaving work to go home from a long night shift.

I just loved how the sun was shining today. Quite different from the freezing and depressing morning from 3 days ago.

I just got off from a 12-hout night shift that morning. It was freezing!!!!

This morning I had to scrape the ice off the windshield. I'm now on my way home after a 12-hour night shift. Feeling tired and ready to go home and sleep and do another night shift the same day!

Nails in the bridge.

Remembering my mother - Digna and sending my love to her up in heaven. It has been 5 years since she passed away from cancer. I miss her.

I was a "Heroes" fan (but that was short-lived). I found that when they started making the plot extremely complicated (around mid-2nd season) that I started to lose interest. The personalities of thee stablished characters from 1st and 2nd season started getting so unrelatable - it just turned me right off (but I was in denial) but thought I'd give it some more chance. I made it to the end of 3rd season but didn't bother with the 4th. The show could have used a bit more consistency with character and plot development. It could have used a clearer direction as far as what the characters purpose and goals were instead of going in all sorts of direction. I would have liked this show, but it just became a disappointment in the end and a waste of my time. Of 5 stars, It would be a 3.

Finished the last of the Coffee my family gave me from the Philippines. I love Philippine Coffee!

Hanging out with Tita Juanita and auntie Pepita in Creston

This is the first time I've ever had honey comb. It's very good.

Hung out with the Filipino Ladies one afternoon in Cranbrook.

Having dinner with Ron at Woody's Barbeque in Cranbrook one evening.

I took this just after I've had my lunch break at work.

Permanent Part-time position. I got the Job. Yey!

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