August 2013

It was a very good day. I biked 50 KM in the morning and in the afternoon, I got to explore Fernie's bike trail. 

Fernie, BC on a beautiful summer afternoon.

I had a beer at a local pub in Fernie. 

New Neighbour's house is complete. 

Our friend Jim's Cherry Tomatoes from his garden. 

Jim making dinner 

Purple Beans


Awesome home cooked dinner thanks to Jim. 

One afternoon at the Burton Lake in Elko. 

The Platzl in Kimberley, BC

Kimberley Platzl. 


August 28, 2013

Rails to Trails (Cranbrook to Kimberley and Back). This is what I did today.

August 7, 2013

The day went by fast. Done lots of walking today and enjoyed looking at so many things. 

Last night, we got to hang out at the Punpjacks till just about closing time. 

And in the morning, we got to spend with our friend Daryl. Went to for a walk to China Town and I got to explore a lot of the  stores and shops there. I even found a store that sells "White Rabbit" candy - brought back memories of what I used to snack on when I was in grade school. And yes, I ate the whole bag too! hahah!

We also got to enjoy lunch at a Chinese restaurant called Kam Gok Yuen. It only cost $18 for a meal for 3! Awesome!  In the evening We had dinner with our new friends Don and Gord by the dock. What an awesome day! Thanks guys! 


August 5 & 6, 2013

I found a GIF maker app. These are some of the snapshots for August 5 & 6. So nice to get away from routine. 


August 4, 2013

People should know more about what GeoEngineering is about. Please share to your friends. Protect our skies from Corporations experimenting on the very thing that keeps this planet alive. 

Festivities down by the Sunset Beach, Vancouver, BC

It was sooo good to see so many people. 

So wonderful to see understanding reighning over dogmas. 

When nobody was looking... I saw this and I smiled. I am glad to be living in Canada, where I do not have to be as afraid to be who I am because I am different. 

People just enjoying the day. 

Nice Shirt Rob! 

Tim and Rob enjoying the music with some groovy dance moves! 

We decided to join the party and get some beer and join the rest of the crowd dancing to the music. It was so much fun!

August 4, 2013: Gay Pride Parade Vancouver

It was a very good day today. In the morning we got to watch the Gay Pride Parade in Vancouver. 

It was wonderful to see an overwhelming support to the Gay people of the world from so many groups. 

Waving the gay Flag

 A sexy dancer. 

One of the many floats with beautiful people on it. 

So happy to see that there was a show of support also from The Filipino-Candian community in Vancouver. 


August 3, 2013 Fireworks & a Ghost?

Look closely at the GIF image above. Notice on the lower half of the photo what seems to fly by like an airplane. This ofcorse, I have not noticed as I was taking the photos in real time, but upon closer inspection, I realised it was not a reflection. It was not smoke, It was an entity and it was intelligent. I do not know what it is. But it is there. It is what it is.  I wonder if that was a ghost? What is that?

August 3, 2013

Waking up early in Vancouver. I feel so content. I am happy. 

Just a simple breakfast. Black Coffee. A bit of salad and a boiled egg. 

The Sandman Suite

Taken at a Vancouver Bar's back porch. 

Ron and Tim posing with Kerry's Costume. 

The view from our room. 

Watching fireworks from the balcony, I had take multiple exposures (I was experimenting  with the settings of my camera). When I reviewed the sequence of photos, I saw what looked like smoke, cloth fly in front of me and fly away to the trees below and up to the buildings.  It was a ghostly entity that flew in front of the balcony of the hotel where we were staying at the 15th floor in Vancouver while I was trying to capture fireworks. I never saw it in real time because it blended so well, but when I was going through each frame I realised it was not smoke. It was not a reflection. It was an entity! and it was alive from how it moved! I still have goosebumps!!! Yikes!

Crowds leaving after the fireworks display was over. 

January 26, 2016

Today Ron comes home from his long Vacation. I am so excited for his homecoming that I decided to make an art wall. Lots of meas...