June 2013

Groceries. Although not my favorite activity, I am grateful that I can. I remind myself this instead of whining about how unexciting it is. hahaha. 

Saw an inspiring show on TV today. 

Danny lost 239 pounds. Awesome!!! 

Back to organizing. Most of these were donated to Charity. 

I saw this at Pita Wrapbit washroom in Cranbrook. 

I love you Foxy!!

A Filipino Event happening in Cranbrook. 

Filipino Independence Day Celebration in Cranbrook, BC. 

Taken during the Filipino Independence Day in Cranbrook, BC

Here is a tree at the 3-93 Dairy Bar in Elko

Waiting for our food!!! So excited!

Burgers, Fries, Onion Rings! OMG!!! hahahah a

Gone walking with Ron

The ladies at the Rocky Mountain Village where I work. 

At home, I have to paint... paint paint...

Today i worked non-stop 17 hours and 6 minutes. I took 5 minute breaks every 2 hours. I got stuff done!!! I feel good!

Found an old letter at the back of some poster.Decided I would take a photo of it before I threw it out. 

Dinner at Frank and Shirley's 

Thank you God for the peace and the harmony that seems to fall into place..

Today we went to visit Frank at the Greenhome

A painting I saw at the Greenhome today. 

Gone to the Jaffray Pub sometime in June. 

Decided I needed a change of Camera. So I sold my old camera for $150. The iPhone just seemed to have replaced my Camera and I noticed my photos have lost their "spark". Maybe I need to go back to SLR camera's. I'm forgetting how to use a real camera. 

Took this snapshot with a GoPro Camera. I haven't used GoPro   as much i hoped I would. The problem with GoPro's is the batteries die too soon. It never seems to be reliable when you need it. Lasts 2 hours and then you have to recharge again. Hmmm. Makes me think I wasted $200+ on it. Sad.

Sometime this month, Ron took Eric, Tim and Myself on a tour of the NEW mill. 

Canfor Tour

At home, new carpeting being installed.

An old poster

Walking at night

Hiking Day in June

My version of Mary Poppins

After hiking uphill and finally arriving at the summit of the mountain close to Elko, I took my umbrella out for a shade. No one up there to see me so It works! It's so hot up there!

Beautiful view from on top of the mountain looking at other taller mountains.

Flowers in the summer. Thanks for the Photo Paul Ellison

Ron taking some photos of Elko, BC. The town where we live. 

Ron and myself. I only had my iPhone for photos that day. 

Elko, British Columbia, Canada in June of 2013

Elko, BC, Canada

Elko, BC, Canada

Fisher Peak

Hiking in Elko, British Columbia, Canada in 2013

The Elko Sawmill. Now called CANFOR

Finally, after a whole day of Hiking, it was a great feeling to be half an hour away from home. 

After a hard day of hiking, it was wonderful to have a great supper at home with friends. 

Thank God Ron knows how to work his way in the kitchen. I did try my best to help. 


May 30, 2013

Found this newspaper ad while going through stuff today. 

This ad was from the Calgary Herald on October 30, 1996

Back then, these were the prices for a computer!! 

Interesting ad ..... hmmmm?

In the afternoon, Ron makes dinner

My pile of stuff to go through and sort. There is more to do! 


January 26, 2016

Today Ron comes home from his long Vacation. I am so excited for his homecoming that I decided to make an art wall. Lots of meas...