February 1-15, 2009

Fox is giving me the look.

This is the Elko Community Hall.

Ron and Bill's Silhoette

The Old Elko Train Station

The Old Elko Train Station

Quite an Interesting looking structure. It has lot's of character! To me it looks like a museum piece. Brings you back in time.

Welcome to Elko!

I still don't know what this mountain is called. No one seems to know. I went on Google Earth. It didn;t say there eaither.

A Nice Red Barn

Railway Tracks

Evening is coming.

Frank at the Old Folks Home. He seems very content and happy. He says the food is great there!

Still don't know what this mountain is called. If you could name this mountain, what would you call it?


January 16-31 2009

Ron was able to find out how to access San Miguel Beer! - This is a brand from the Philippines. I was so happy to have a beer from my home country.

The Brand name is not really complete. I'm not being paid to advertise. But anyway. Its funny how small things like a beer brand from years ago kind of brings me back to the Philippines all over again.

Oh yeah - they are so morally superior alright! Ignorance, Discrimination and Hatred is everywhere. This is a table napkin that some gay haters wrote on and left on the car windshield of 2 gay people I know. If you think that perhaps humanity has advanced or have become better AWARE and awakened after all of our history, there are still a lot of people out there who will choose stupidity and hatred.
When is it OK to HATE? does God and your religion teach you to HATE? Do your parents teach you to Hate? A huge segment of society continue to allow AUTOMATIC RELIGIOUS or SOCIAL BELIEF SYSTEMS to dictate their position in their life without bothering to find out for themselves the TRUTH and Understand. This keeps these same people from THINKING. Their automatic/ fanatical belief systems serve as an excuse to NOT THINK. Isn't it frustrating sometimes? when you read or watch the news, all the hatred, the wars, the crimes, the hostility, the chaos, the sadness. you ask yourself, why does this keep happening? Why? because this planet is filled with a bunch of Idiots. Apparently the Idiot who wrote this thought it was OK or cool to do this. That it was fun. This is so sad. Perhaps his parents have taught him this. Or perhaps the pastor of his church. They were probably told "GOD hates Gay People" <--- Or some Idiot preached the same. So therefore they feel justified that it is OK to hate as well. Idiots can come in many forms. They could be your boss, your parents, your friends, your President, the person you idolize and look up to. Look at the former President of the US. His IQ isn't bad. It's not that he has trouble comprehending or understanding - he just hasn't bothered to THINK! In return so many people have died. So many peoples lives have become a nightmare. He is a churchgoer isn't he? but does he really know what love is?

This is a mold of my left leg. I used ducktape. Ron thinks it's creepy. I think it's awesome.

This is a giant hole on the mountain. I pass by this everytime I got to Fernie.

Do you see the light? Please do!!!!

The tunnel .

The Door, and Victoria laughing at me.

Lunch. Very good fish! Loved it!

Kape? Cofe? Coffee?

The Calendar from London Drugs that has my photo in it.

This is when I got the complementary copy of the London Drugs BC 150 Calendar. On the card it read "Edgar, Congratulations on being one of the 12 BC 150 contest winners. Your friends at London Drugs." <-- that made me smile.

That day, I had a feeling that perhaps I would be SET for life. If my ticket won $1,000 weekly for 25 years, That meant I could just do things I loved for fun and not worry about security. But it is not meant to be. I lost $6.00

January 26, 2016

Today Ron comes home from his long Vacation. I am so excited for his homecoming that I decided to make an art wall. Lots of meas...