September 22 to 29, 2008

September 23, 2008 - Tuesday - Rainy morning today. I was on my way to class at 9:30 AM. Rain makes me sleepy. *yawn*

September 24, 2008 - Wednesday. My classmate Carolyn doing her Biology exercises. Some Chemistry thing happening. Her experiments didn't explode. So thats a good thing. hahaha.

September 25, 2008 - After class today, I had gone to Cranbrook. At night, one must watch out for the Elk, or the Deer or the Moose thats crossing the highway. At Canadian highway speeds of 100 - 110 Km/hour it's easy that an accident with one of these could turn fatal. So one must watch out. Be very careful.

September 26, 2008 - Friday - The Road construction between Elko and Fernie.

September 26, 2008 - Some helicopter in Fernie, as I was walking around town for exercise after class.

September 27, 2008 - Traffic jam. The road is being re-paved. It's not so bad. I actually like the line-ups because I can get out of the car and appreciate my surroundings. things I normally won;t be able to do. Plus the weather is nice too. It's good to not be in a rush to get somewhere when this happens.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me present to you "The Fernie Museum". If you ever find yourself in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada, do drop by this humble but very pleasing museum. I had met one of the staff in charge Mr. Nick Juliano. He is a very good person and very friendly.

Look closely. I found something was wrong with this sign. Ron pointed it out to me one afternoon while Frank and I were waiting for him to come out from the grocery store. Do you see it? I presume some kids undergoing puberty have done it. hahaha.

We have now decided to call her "Blondie" (I think she may not like it. She's a lesbian I think) . She might want something more Masculine like "Brad" or "Goliath" or something like that because it's more appropriate with her personality. Seriously. I love this cat! It acts very strong and independent. very confident and smart!

"Mr. Canoe Head"

September 28, 2008 - Sunday . Reflections on the Elk River. The turning of the season.

September 28, 2008 - Sunday . Ron and I had gone to our usual walk in the neighborhood pass the old bridge and up the back roads. Here is a snap shop from that walk.

A most unexpected thing happened to me today - September 29, 2008. On a monday afternoon after being school the whole day, I was looking forward to coming home taking a short nap , and going out for a walk with Ron. The highway towards home was being paved. The flag lady stopped all outbound vehicles from Fernie (which included myself). I was fine fine with this, and rather the exhaust be doing it's thing, I decided to turn the engine off (big mistake). About 20 minutes later, the flag lady gave the "go" signal. I got in my car, cranked the engine, and a most unpleasant experience started to unfold. My car would not start. It wouldn't go! I tried many more times and still it would not budge! . All the windows in my car were closed. The sun was directly on me, and my sweat started to build up. I thought "oh my gosh, It's not going to start!" . Meanwhile, all the 40 cars behind me decided they won't have anything to do with this so, they all started passing me by - meanwhile every passenger (or passengers) on every vehicle was looking at me - It doesn't take a genius to figure out what on earth is going on. I saw all sorts of expression one had a smirk, one had a smile, one was close to laughing and pointing at my misfortune... oh it was embarrassing. I had called Ron and told him about this. I had then called for a towing service and then called for a car shop that could fix my car! I was drenched in sweat! ha aha hah! Just my luck huh?

The God-sent tow truck man (his name is Jordan) came about less than half an hour later and rescued my poor car! The Mechanic looked at it and said it's probably not that serious. Maybe a few adjustments here and there and maybe replacing a sensor or two. I hope the bill won;t cost as much as the car! I think I will know by Wednesday what's wrong with it. Ron came to pick me up in Fernie, and he suggested we have some "rice". He knows rice makes me happy. hahaha.

Comfort Food - "Ka-ra-gei" at the Curry Bowl Restaurant in Fernie, BC, Canada. After all that stress, This is what i needed. Oh , I felt so much better after that. hahaha!

This was a wall decor at the Curry Bowl. I thought it was too beautiful not to share.

Good Morning World

It was that solemn peaceful feeling- I wasn't feeling sad, but there is this quiet contemplation that keeps me somehow laying in bed on my side and just refusing to get out of bed. The sun is up and the house is peacefully asleep. I know I have to get myself to school this morning. I still have a few more tests and a few more modules to do. At least I am getting one step closer to my goal. It is moments like this - when I wonder "what happened?" what changed? and I know that things will never be the same as they used to. I realize that I long for my childhood moments when everything seemed so new, so fresh. I sometimes wish I could just go back in time and feel what it is like once again, to have such simple and happy and pure presence. I think of all the wonderful memories of my childhood in Baguio City. My thoughts were on my family. My Mother, Father and siblings. What our house used to look like - the details of the interior - I try and recall as much detail as I could. I try and remember my childhood friends. The toys I used to own. My clothes and what I used to wear to go to school. The littlest things I used to ignore in the past I now clearly remember. I wonder whatever became of them, and I wonder what ever bacame of those people? I guess I really wasn't paying that much attention. Time does it's thing and makes me feel humbled. No matter how I try, I can never hold on to the past. It simply slips away. I long for the same wonderful experiences it gave me but it will never be the same. Never be the same.


September 21, 2008 - Sunday

I had Instructed Ron to take this photo for me. The fall colors are here. This was taken around Paul's neighborhood in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The same day Ron and I will be heading back home to Elko after the Hike.

Here is Ron while we were on our way to Paul's Apartment. I always get left behind because I am always taking photos. Everybody is used to that by now.

Taking a photo of me while Ron was driving us home.

Decided to have pizza instead of cooking dinner that night. It was a good day.


September 20, 2008

September 20, 2008 - Saturday. Today is Hiking Day for Mama. I am doing this hike for her. It's been two years since she had passed on. We woke up early at 4:30 and was ready for the hike by 5:00. Paul comes to pick us up at 5:15 AM and we are off to our hiking destination in somewhere around Moraine lake. We would be going to the Sentinel Pass. It took about 2 hours from Calgary to the base of where our hike was to begin in Moraine Lake in Banff National Park.

Looking at my watch as Paul drove his car. It was such a peaceful morning. Sometimes I like waking up really early. I would prefer to wake up 4:30 AM everyday If I could - but I sleep late most of the time.

Paul was driving

About 3 minutes before Moraine Lake in Banff National Park.

At the Moraine Lake parking lot. Here you see Ron just getting out of the car to get his hiking gear. It was a bit cold that morning and I had started to wonder If I had actually under-dressed for the hike. I only had two layers. One long sleeve shirt and my Tribute T-shirt for mama. I was feeling a bit worried that It would stay that way throughout the Hike but Ron reassured me it will get warmer. So Off we went. Ron was right.

The Location of the start of the hike. Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

This is what the Hiking trail sign had to say about our Intended Hike for the day.

The Trail sign.

About a quarter way up the hike, Ron took this photo for me. I wanted natural lighting but couldn't quite do it from where the angle I wanted to stand so we had to use flash for this one just so I won't end up becoming silhoetted by the bright background.

As we found ourselves passing through Larch Trees (that's the first time I found out that Larch is a tree) I realised that part of the moon was still out. So I decided to use the branches of a larch tree for a frame.

This is what is called a Larch tree. The leaves change colors during the fall.

Good Friends Ron and Paul

Edgar Lorenzo F. Nievera and Paul Ellison (We love Photography)

Our Little blue friend with Ron and Paul.

It was a beautiful beautiful day!

Somewhere I know, our spirit and love binds us. Although you are gone , still you are with me and will stay here in my heart. I send my love out to the heavens and
know you feel it. I send my good thoughts of peace and caring and I know you continue to live. I miss you. Someday in God's perfect time - I will understand.

(My Thoughts On Mama)

I hope you see how high the mountains are. We are simply dots from below. Like ants. But it was so beautiful everywhere i looked, It was just breathtaking!

So surprised to find so many other hikers that day. This is certainly one of the most popular hiking destinations in Alberta at this time of the year. I think people are trying to enjoy the last days of summer as much as they could. Fall is in the air.

Edgar Lorenzo F. Nievera

If you click on this photo - you will see this photo so much better. Right behind me, you can see the trail . It is almost like the Z cut from the movie "The Mask of Zorro" . That's where we have to go to get to the top. Can't wait to get up there!

Ron and Paul

Ron and Paul - Behind them is the view of where we are going. The Top!

Paul and Edgar

That's me on our hike.

Hiking up the Scree. A bit challenging.

Do you see how far away we still have to go? On the right side you see Ron and Paul's blue backpack and some other hikers.

Midway to the top. here you see Paul looking at where we were down below. If you look closely at the photo I had placed arrow marks where some other hikers were. There are three other hikers behind Paul - on their way up too.

We have finally reached the Sentinel Pass Summit! Hooray!!! The view was awesome from there! It was too big that I can't fit the view in my camera frame. But this is a part of the view (The main view) - which shows the lake down below and the Larch trees - where we went through to get here at the top. It was such an exhilirating feeling. I could breathe better up here! One word - Wow.

Having a moment to take it all in. hahahah. -

Ron took this photo - Salamat! There is a guy behind me eating sandwich. I couldn't go stand where that guy in black was standing. He was basically standing on a rock that was about 2 feet wide. Below it is about a 2000 ft drop. I say no to that. When I got to the top. My knees actually started shaking. The height is a bit intimidating at first. But I got used to it.

Such great view from up here. Wish I could just spend 5 hours here. Drink a glass of wine with some apple and wait till the alcohol wears off before I go back down. Ron and paul were very happy too!

Behind that rock I was leaning on is a 2000 foot drop. Thus the awkward position. I was actually mustering my courage to look as put together as posible. hehehe.

Other hikers -

Binoculars. Zooming in

The photo from the lake below.

Proceeding down the mountain and back to where we started off this morning. It was afternoon when I took this photo. Notice how bright all the trees are?

Moraine Lake - Not the time of day I would have prefferred to have my photo taken there. But it was a bit late when we got back down the mountain and the lighting was against us. So this is all I got. But I guess it's not bad - Maybe if my face got thinner like it used to years ago (see my shirt? - that's me and my mom) it would be better. hahaha. Such is youth. It is there only for a moment - then it's gone.

I prefer my photo taken further away. hahahah. You like the view? I like it too. This is Moraine Lake. Behind it are mountains called "The Valley of the Ten Peaks"

A young boy in his Canoe - I missed out on his reflection. I only had one click on this before he was in a different angle (which was not as artistic as I wanted)

After the day's Hike, we headed back to Calgary. That's another 2 hours. On our way back, we see these bikers. I found it quite interesting.

A split second moment with the biker on the road. I hope he didn;t get offended that i took his photo. But oh well, I have it now. hahaha!

When we got back to Calgary, We headed for one of our favorite Chinese Restaurant - The Gee Gong. Had a lovely dinner. By that time, we were all tired.

After dinner, we had gone back to Georgia's apartment for the night. We needed that sleep. Overall, today was a very very very very beautiful day. It was so perfect. I am happy.

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