May 2015 (Part 2)

I've never uploaded a panorama picture in my blog. I hope this turns out.

A photo taken at work one day in May 2015

Cooking the Tocino

Tocino - A Philippine Dish

Tocino for dinner in May

English Bay at night.

Action Speaks

A performer doing what seems like an impromptu concert.

Oh I see that The Philippine flag is included! Oh so awesome!

This town apparently had the Best Borche Soup

Taken in Osoyoos, BC heading back to Vancouver from our Get Away weekends. 

Balcony now has privacy screen and a fake turf.

The Wall Exchange. Ron and I went to the free talk. 

Visit from friends in May

Yes. Apparently it exists. Hahaha. It is real. 

Buried my feet. Feels good. 

May Road Trips

Walking in Granville street with Ron sometime in early May 2015

This was taken somewhere in Hope, BC - on our way to Calgary, Alberta

Thought it would be nice to check out the town of Yale. We hung out for a few minutes looking at Garage sale items. We didn't buy anything. 

One of the things I saw at the Garage Sale

Hells Gate, BC

Kinda Reminds me of that film "Psycho"

Visiting our Friend Brian

Our Friend Brian

Flowers blooming

Inside a Mall in Kamloops, BC

Visiting Ron's Sister & Nephew

Taken on our trip to Calgary

Paul's Couch

Bill's New House

Revisiting Calgary at night

Marvinn & Beth's Home


My Very good friend Marvinn

Mike's Balcony

Pizza for Dinner

Revisiting Elko, BC

Revisiting our old walking route in Elko, BC

Foxie! I love you!

Visiting with my friends

I lived here once - One whole year. At Auntie Pepita's place in Cranbrook.

Luke lives here now. I went to visit him.

Flowers in Tim's garden

Foxie is getting old now. He is feeling tired a lot. 

January 26, 2016

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