August 2011

I thought having a day pass and exploring the transit system in Vancouver was awesome.  Ron and I were orientating ourselves for a possible future life in Vancouver.

Somedays in the future this may be a regular scene for me in Vancouver.

Subway - waiting for the train

Who dat?

Oh yeah? Where do you think It went to?

The train is here

Look inside yourself, for all the answers are within. I think I like this for a tattoo. hehehe

Daryl and the rock

Siwash Rock.

Blue flower - looks fake but it is REAL!!!!!

Walking around the neighbourhood.

trying a new brand of beer.

Yellow on blue


Summer is wonderful!

Poor Crab!

Lucky crab. It got returned back to the water (not big enough).

Tai Ko - Translates to "My Sh*t" in Tagalog

Tai Ko - Translates to "My Sh*t" in Tagalog

Something to smile about?


Save the planet!


Product was defective. With receipt, I get a new replacement.

This is the new replacement.

In Radium, BC

Back to Elko, BC



Junk food. Why do I eat this sh*t?

I always try something new

The Bill.

What you guys looking at?

Very important note!

August 2012

Local Entertainment in Elko.

Local Entertainment all the way from Calgary.

Grasmere General Store.

East Side Marios, Cranbrook, BC

Eric & Tim's Kitchen


Having my quality "me" time alone at Burton Lake - with my book.

Coming home from night shift one morning.


Burton Lake, BC

My foot print.

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January 26, 2016

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