My Friendster Account was Hacked

I don't really recall how it all happened. But what I do remember was when i started noticing, I couldn't open a seemingly valid message that was sent to my friendster message inbox. Next thing you know, my PROFILE is no longer available. That didn't worry me at first because I thought our internet connection was probably slow (wrong!)...

Then my friendster friends are gone, then my friendster groups are gone.. next thing you nada - nothing. . It sucks!! Whoever did that to my account - Stop doing what you did to me! That's really mean! I don't think I have enemies at all.... why ?

Sira na my friendster account! I can't even log in!. Then it shows some weird address (probably where the hacker is from). I don't even know where that place is! (This is really so mean. - For anyone to do this to anybody) The worst part of it all is... SIRA NA. I can't even do anything to info all my 250 friends in there. And the "I Love Baguio" Group that I created with all of it's 1500 members! ) Not all of them kasi are in my e-mail account. So sad.


Please Vote for My Photo

Dear Everyone! Hi! I wanted to join a photo contest and I want to win!

I want my photo to win because: I want the gay minority like myself to have a voice. The photo is simply something I want people to see, to realize and be reminded that gay people like me have feelings too - and to just accept the fact that gay people have been a part of this world since God made human beings; and since there will always be GAY people forever, I think people should learn to be more tolerant and accepting. Gay people are not bad people. We do not need to be let down just because we are gay. That's all. Please, I Need your support.

Please vote for my photo below : Thanks so much!
If that doesn't work, please vote by clicking on the following link:

January 26, 2016

Today Ron comes home from his long Vacation. I am so excited for his homecoming that I decided to make an art wall. Lots of meas...