October 2015

Jim, Garry were able to visit us in Vancouver. We went for a bike ride around the Stanley park on one of the days of their visit. 

This is one of the biggest container ship I have ever seen. Those are container ships piled one on top of others. 

See how big the ship is compared to the Lions Gate Bridge? It was massive!!!

For a while, I thought it wouldn't be able to make it under the bridge and that bridge is very high. 

The fog came in really thick one afternoon in October. It created interesting silhouettes by the side of the bay.

This photo re-affirms to me that we have now been in Vancouver for 2 years.  I remember taking a photo of Ron in this same spot sometime last year when the leaves changed. 

One foggy afternoon in October 

The inukshuk. An inuksuk is a human-made stone landmark or cairn used by the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit, Yupik, and other peoples of the Arctic region of North America. These structures are found from Alaska to Greenland.

Another day

And the leaves that are green turn to brown.

Lunch break. 

Ron and I tried the burgers at "To Dine For" at terminal avenue. It was a 10/10! So awesome!

Akala ko sabi nito "Tae ka e no!" , tapos read ko ulit "tao ka e no?" syempre tao. Read ulit "Tao Kae Noi" hay naku - "Whatever!!" heheheheh 

Waiting my turn to see the EENT specialist one day. The best I could do was to sneak an iPhone photo of the table at the waiting room.

The Mainland Hearing clinic. Waiting my  turn to see the Dr. 

An NDP gathering at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Go NDP! 

Patterns of leaves left on the cement of the sidewalk. I thought it looked beautiful.

Justin Trudeau becomes the new Prime minister of Canada on October 2015. This is a snap-shot from what was on TV that same night after I voted for the very first time for the Federal elections. 

Panorama shot from my iPhone of my walk around the seawall. 

Same location , different panorama shot. October 2015 

These are sea shells by the sea shore. 

Blurry Hallway

My cousin and her husband Came to visit us in Vancouver! I am so happy!! 

The last time I visited with my cousin was in 2011 and only a few minutes. We had such a great time just catching up with all the things that have happened throughout the years! 

Thanks so much Ate Wita! your visit has made such an amazing impact! I really needed to see you again after all these years! God Bless you! 

The Fall colors are definitely here. 

Leaves changing colours everywhere in the neighbourhood now. 

The El Cid - Vancouver 2015

There is a lady sitting there at a corner park. 

beautiful colours of green.

Fall Colours

a bike path under a busy bridge

Good morning -  one morning

Coal Harbour, Vancouver BC, Canada

Coal Harbour, Vancouver, BC, Canada

A beautiful tree-lined pathway in the park. 

hardly anybody there when i took this photo early one morning on my walk. 

The leaf

mini inukshuks by the water

Old firetruck , turned into a playground accessory at the Park. 

The fallen leaves in October

No home cooked dinner one night. Cheers to pizza! :-) 

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