March 26, 2013

something from facebook 

something from facebook

I don't know what her life story is. All I know is she is old and tired.  It is precious moments like this when I get to sit down and have quality time to visit with her and try to have a conversation. Maybe a few laughs. I see in her and all the older ladies I care for - a mother, a sister, a friend....  

Tuesday Morning: Snap shot taken after a long night shift. ... I am now heading home at  7:15 in the morning. 

Arrived at home. 

We have visitors! 

Tuesday Afternoon: After a few hours of sleep, I get up at 1 in the afternoon and back at work at the Gas station. I see a brand new car. looks nice!!!

Clarifying my work schedule as it comes to a conclusion. I work Until April 6, 2013. Then I am laid off. 

Love this cute dog! 

Thank you! 

View from the cash register at the Gas station

Tuesday night: Dinner at Eric and Tim's in Cranbrook. 

Randy and Linda visiting. 

Ron cooks dinner. 

Tims Fishes. 

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