July 31, 2010

July 26, 2010 - Monday: Decided it would be a great idea to go to Surveyors lake today.

July 26, 2010 - Monday: With the company of our good friends

July 26, 2010 - Monday: My favorite hat for summer & a floater. Perfect combination for just enjoying the lake.

July 27, 2010 - Tuesday: Training at the Hospital today.

July 28, 2010 - Wednesday: Quiet moment in my room in Cranbrook. I will soon complete my Hospital training. Wow... It's hard to believe it sometimes that I've gotten this far...

July 29, 2010 - Thursday: Last day for hospital training at the Eask Kootenay Regional Hospital. A group photo we took before our 12 hour shift began.

July 29, 2010 - Thursday: Celebrating at a local Japanese Restaurant in Cranbrook. OMG! What a most wonderful feeling! We've done it! We are getting closer each day to becoming LPNs! We were also aware that soon we won't be seeing each other as much as we go on our separate ways.

July 29, 2010 - Thursday: Captured moment of happiness. Thank you!!!

July 29, 2010 - Thursday: At the end of the day just before we said goodbye.

July 31, 2010 - Saturday: Back home in Elko. Out for a walk.

July 31, 2010 - Saturday: Yey! Summer is wonderful. I love the sunshine and the heat!

July 31, 2010 - Saturday: Happy.


July 25, 2010

Hiking to Mount Fernie

These photos were taken July 25, 2010 - Sunday: I've uploaded more than 200 photos of our hike to Mount Fernie on my Facebook. CLICK HERE to view them.

There is also a part II of the hike. CLICK HERE to view the 2nd part of the compilation.


July 2-24, 2010

July 2, 2010 - Friday: Taking a 15 minute break during my 2nd - 180 hour training in a hospital setting.

July 5, 2010 - Monday: I see the beauty. I am paying attention. I see you little flower.

July 5, 2010 - Monday: Sunday: Budding Beauty.

July 7, 2010 - Wednesday: Went up to Rabbit Mountain. I needed my quiet space. I need this peaceful moment so I can hear my own thoughts.

July 7, 2010 - Wednesday: I stayed up that mountain until the sun set. I can breathe! I am grateful.

July 7, 2010 - Wednesday: This was taken in Elko, BC during my evening walk.

July 8, 2010 - Thursday: By the telephone

July 8, 2010 - Thursday: I'm sure there will be some Big changes. All good I hope.

July 12, 2010 - Monday: Family visiting

July 12, 2010 - Monday: Visiting with Kendra

July 17, 2010 - Saturday: A weekend dish at the Curry Bowl in Fernie.

July 24, 2010 - Saturday: Jenoa. Calorie Packed! Yummy!

January 26, 2016

Today Ron comes home from his long Vacation. I am so excited for his homecoming that I decided to make an art wall. Lots of meas...