March 2012

I know the actor wearing the blue shirt ! heheheh *Cheers!*

Our Friend Daryl is here in the picture for a TV Commercial (Blue shirt).

Getting rid of today's disposable contact lens.

OOvooing with my friends in Calgary! Thanks for the visit my friends!

I went back to this place in Marysville today after I'd taken my citizenship exam. Years ago i sat here wondering what it would feel like when that day comes.

Snow..snow snow... nothing but snow.

What is wrong with this ad? Or maybe what's right about it?

Attended a concert by local artists at the Cranbrook United Church.

I may have to come here sometime. Food is like a drug.

A winter walk

Up the hill

Rabbit Mountain in the winter time

A way out...

I don't ever want to hear this go off.

Addiction..... I can relate to this. This will be past.

Oneday. I decided to just lock the fridge hahaha.

Drastic Measures.

Hope in sweet bell pepper.

To fight my cravings for potato chips.


Hope in fried egg and sweet bell pepper.

double Brrrrr!!!

When the snow melts this is what we have...

Driving to Fernie. Moments i hate snow.

Watching a movie on my computer at home

What's in your bag?

Red Car.

Reconfiguring a TV stand bought at Wal-mart. This is upside down. I did a little bit of carpentry here to alter the original design but the end result was just perfect.

Bought this for $99. I didn't know it could make TV so much fun!

Geting rid of another pair of disposable contact lenses. I loved the color on these but the clear ones always feel so much more comfortable. These contacts from Freshlook dry easy. I wont buy them again.

The Elko overhead.

A local ad by the post office mailboxes..

Bought glasses online for Frank. I love clearly contacts dot see ey!

Brand new 55 inch ultra thin TV. I think I will watch more TV now. Maybe this is a way to get out of my facebook addiction.

I  originally wrote: "The Elko Fire Hall. Awesome people made this happen. " . I got a comment from anonymous: You are incorrect - but this is the Elk River #35 Masonic Lodge. And yes, thanks they are some awesome people and worked very hard to get this building renovated and up and running for their meetings. on March 2012  <<<<<------- acknowledged.="acknowledged." correction="correction" much="much" p="p" thank="thank" very="very" you="you">

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