A Bunch of Lies - Just Delete It!

  • FWD: CHAIN LETTERS! --- > I have been getting a lot of this kind of e-mail Lately... IT'S PURE CRAP! I can't believe people still fall for this kind of thing! Hello! Please use your capability for higher thinking (e-mail forwarders from family, friends & acquaintances, especially people in friendster...). When you read, please do not forget to think. Now, when you get e-mails like these telling you what to do or else you or others will die or suffer.... do you think a bunch of FWD emails actually has a hold of your life? If you do, well, you still live in the Dark Ages of superstition. The part of the e-mail I dislike the most reads:
  • " Once you have opened this e-mail, there's no turning back. Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs. Read your sign, then forward it on, with your zodiac sign and label on the subject line. This is the real deal, try ignoring or changing it, and the first thing you'll notice is having a horrible day starting tomorrow morning - and it only gets worse from there."
  • On other times, "your mother will die" or "someone close to you will die" etc. etc.. is even used in these forwarded messages. Holy smoke! How evil! I swear I might as well be swearing $h!*%#@!!! now!
  • The people who create messages like those are psychos! Don't fall for that kind of crap. You know you have more brains than that!
  • Now stop forwarding these types of e-mails please! Thanks!

January Birthdays

Wishing you guys Happy Happy Birthday with love and prayers and big hugs to all of you!

  • January 17: Abby My cousin - Love you girl! Hope you had a blast last 17th!
  • January 12: - My auntie Angie! Nice talking to you on the phone on your birthday last 12th!
  • January 15: Ayvan James Vergara - ninong mo yata ako. I have to admit, I'm not doing a good job at it. But happy birthday! Babawi ako someday!
  • January 20: Bobby - Kuya Bob! Tagal na kitang hindi nakikita! Hope all is well!
  • January 3: Christopher - one of my best friends - O at least naki-shot ako ng make believe red horse (bud) kahit sa telepono lang!
  • January 26: Dion - love reading your column on Zigzag! Hope you had a blast!
  • Eca - My niece.. how time flies! Dalaga ka na! (many times sinabi rin sa akin yan when I was your age- nyahaha! Joke! I can laugh at it now). Do keep in touch!
  • January 5: Ate Edith, Sana masaya ka always! Na mi-miss ko yung pa-birthday mo sa office! Pancit and puto for everyone diba? Walang ganun dito.. ..*sigh*
  • January 3: Kuya Elmer, ano pa-birthday mo sa office? He he he!
  • January 30: Iandih - All the best to you! Interesting yung mga photos mo. Keep the music playing! (kahit hindi ko pa naririnig... someday I hope.
  • January 30: Japs - Nalasing ka ba nung Birthday mo? heheeh! But the thing is I hope yo are happy. all the best to you friend!
  • January 10: Julieann Adalim Cruz - Happy birthday! wala akong pic of you from our BigSound days! But i saw you and Mike's Music Video. Impressed ako!
  • January 8: Karen - alam mo - featured you as a birthday Celeb last month - I think mali yung B-day reminder ko then. hehehe. But anyway I miss you! Hope your career blossoms! I miss working with you in Baguio!
  • January 5: Kaye - wishing you all the love and happiness in the world! Regards to you and your hubby (and your baby?) I have not forgotten you! Maligayang kaarawan kaibigan!
  • January 28: Maribeth - Good luck on your new adventure! Alam ko medyo challenging at first, moving to Canada - but here's wishing you all the luck and courage and spirit to get through it all! Loved your photos!
  • January 12: Monching - My dear friend, hope masaya ka dyan sa Lucena. Hinay hinay sa tequila kagaya ko ha? (Toink! hehe he remember? embarassing, nalashing ako dami pa naman tao sa bar - hindi na ako makatayo ...but I had fun. Galing mag host sa partying ang mga taga Lucena I swear!! I miss those 20's years. Tanda na ako!) Cheers!!
  • January 2: Qyle - Laki mo na! Happy birthday from ninong!
  • January 12: Uncle Rene! I bet you cooked something really addictive on you and auntie angie's birthday! Wish I could have been there to sample your cooking. You are such a good cook (everybody says so) Big Hugs and Happy Birthday!
  • January 24: Manong Timmy my dearest brother! you are my inspiration. Tawagan kita on your birthday! Hope Japan is treating you guys well. Happy Birthday! Regards to my sis-inlaw and my nephews! ni- limmakay tayo met aminen.. hehehe


I Have a New Phone Number

  • Dear Friends & Family,
  • Now I have a new phone number where you can reach me anytime of day. My new phone number is
  • 1(240) 764-4779.
  • Please use it to call me from now on.

My number is:

1 (240) 764 4779


A Fernie Haircut Video

Here is a video that will give you an Idea what Fernie Is all about. These are some of the things I see in the winter.


A Wintery Walk in Elko

January 9, 2008 - Wednesday
Walking in Elko, BC.

  • 1. "Lakad lakad sa Elko" means: Just walking around Elko
  • 2. "paaano ba e-english ito?" : now how do I say this in English!
  • 3. Correction: It's Mountain Sheep and Deer, not Mountain SHEEPS and DEERS (ayan alam ko na singular and plural form pala ang sheep and deer, Kala ko may "S")


01. January 5, 2008 - Saturday

  • Daryl asked about my "new" job. I Met wonderful people at work on December 20, 2007 , but on the 26th, I got a better paying job offer from my former employer. So I decided to accept that instead. My last day as a housekeeper was on the 28th.
  • This is a photo of one of the 3 long hotel corridors where we had to clean the rooms. It is a great job for cleanaholics. Gives me lots of work-out! The time runs fast.

  • The Job Details for Each Room:
  1. Change Sheets (comes in many stages)
  2. Inspect & Thoroughly Clean Wash Rooms (even more stages here)
  3. Dust Everything in sight
  4. Empty Garbage bins & Clean that as well
  5. Vacuum Floors
  6. Windex Windows
  7. Arrange everything according to Hotel standards

The Year is 2008!

  • This morning the phone rang. It was a call from my dear friends Antot, Marvinn, Qryz, Dindo, Paulo in Baguio, Philippines!

  • I am happy because I got to chat with 6 of my friends in a phone call! Just wonderful. Makes me feel Philippines is not so far away.

  • Thanks for the call! Really appreciate it!


Paul Ellison Photography

  • Winter Scene - Elko, British Columbia
  • Photography by: Mr. Paul Ellison
  • That's me and ron "the Accesories" to the photo. Ha ha ha

  • Ron & Edgar - Photo By Paul Ellison
  • Photo Taken December 28, 2007

  • Paul taking a photo of me taking a photo of ron

January 26, 2016

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