September 12, 2012

After I got off from work today at 12:00 noon, I decided to buy a bottle of red wine and thought I would go up one of my favorite place (Rabbit Mountain, Elko) at around 4:00 PM to just hang out and "feel" the planet and listen to positive thoughts. Sounds weird doesn't it? 

This is un-oaked. They've replaced the cork with plastic now. :-( . Nonetheless, The wine was still very good.  I had some music playing on my iPad, and just enjoyed the sunshine. Sooo beautiful. I love this place. 

 I hardly carry my real cameras with me now. I'm always using my iPad for everything. 

 My little cooler for the wine and the pop. It worked well for me today. 

 While up at Rabbit Mountain, I started putting my business cards inside Stick-a-thoughts. Everything felt right up there with the mountains, The Sky, The sunshine and my dreams. 

 This is one of the views from my spot. Here you see the small town of Elko. Somewhere down there is where I live and across the main highway to the left is a gas station where I also work at. Ron and I will most likely be no longer living here by June of 2013. That's only a few months away. 

 The last drop of wine hours later and the sun setting. 

I enjoyed watching the sunset from up the mountain. 

 A self-portrait up at Rabbit Mountain. 

 My Picnic spot with the malong I bought from the Philippines.  Such clutter! from the left; wine, pringles, orange wine bottle opener, my tan summer hat, a pack of marlboro lights, my backpack and the red cooler. Life is good. I am grateful.

It got dark. So at this point, I decided to go home. I went down the mountain in the dark and used my iPad as a flashlight. It was a good day. I send love to the universe. Good Night.

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September 11, 2012

The alarm clock went off at 7:00 AM. I got up to get ready for today's Rails to Trails Bike ride in Cranbrook (To Kimberley) 

 It took a while for me to find out where the parking lot was. By the time I got started it was 9:45 AM. It was chilly. I had some Biking gear which I planned on wearing but decided it was way too cold for that at this time of the day, So I ended up biking in my light jacket and Jeans. 

 I love this hat! 

 I decided to not have a helmet as well. Since the trail was pretty much paved and predictable and empty to begin with. 

 A nice view about 45 minutes from start. 

 Sane view on Instagram mode

 Somewhere in Wycliff (Just before Marysville when heading towards Kimberly) 

 Crossing the River. 

 Taken somewhere between Marysville and Wycliff. 

 My legs were aching and I needed to sit and take it easy for a bit. 

 I had to drop by the local drug store to get some of these. I was aching. 

 Today's Lunch

 My View from inside the Chinese Restaurant. 

Kimberley: I used to live here once upon a time. 

 I took these photos on my way back to Cranbrook. Going back was so much easier because it was mostly downhill. 

 By The time I arrived in Cranbrook, It was an hour and 36 minutes of biking. Now that  was not so bad at all. 

 Thought I would take a photo of the marker. My remebrance. 

When I got to Cranbrook hours later, I brought my glasses in for some notepad adjustments. While the staff was fixing them, I thought I would try on these frameless  glasses. I think I will have these next time. Now I have got to go home and get some sleep. I need to be at work at 7 tomorrow morning. Love to all of you my Family and friends. Until next blog.

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September 10, 2012

Random things I see at work 

 When I see the display is running low, I re-stock them. 

And to save time, I take photos with my ipad.  makes it so much easier to do my job. 

Somewhere in this photo is a very tired old man who had been biking for days. He is from South Korea. When I had taken this photo he was on his way to Edmonton (OMG!!!! thats so far away!). He reminded me of a Shao-lin Master. Wish I could have known more about him and his story. All I knew is that He was tired and he needed some water and so I gave hime some. I offered a chair for him to rest but he refused and just pushed through. 

 Big Turks need a refill! 

 I've never had these. I was told they were incredibly sweet. 

And that's a glimpse of what working at the Gas station is like. 

January 26, 2016

Today Ron comes home from his long Vacation. I am so excited for his homecoming that I decided to make an art wall. Lots of meas...