June 1-15, 2009

Dear Family and Friends, as of today (June 17, 2009) I am now officially a Mac user. Ron and I went to the Future Shop and bought it last monday. I was a bit worried that after being a PC user all these years that making the transition to Mac would require so much time and relearning. So I wasn't really sure if I was going to be happy with it. Performance wise, how to operate the new programs and applications that I have never operated before etc, but to my surprise, here I am just more than a day, and i am handling it just like I would be handling a PC. I am so impressed with it! I just can't get over it operating so many programs at the same time and it hasn't hung up. My smile is from ear to ear!

June 15, 2009 - Smiling from having just purchased a Mac.

June 15, 2009 - In Calgary

June 13, 2009 - In Edmonton. We travel from Elko to Edmonton to visit Linda (Ron's sister in-law) at the Hospital. Very long story.... but point is, we end up staying in this MOTEL that seemed pretty much OK from the outside. Having checked in, paid $110 dollars, and it was already late in the night -Ron, His dad and Myself were all very tired from a day's journey and was just ready to crash in bed for some sleep. When we got in our room. The place was a dump! All of us were Horrified! It was the worst hotel we had ever seen! Unbelievable! Blood stains on the carpet. blood stains on the blanket, dirty walls, the carpet looked filthy, Electric wall sockets ripped from the wall. No telephone, Light fixtures were falling apart. It was like a horror movie! chewing gum on the battered and red ducktaped lamp, it was Unbelievably yucky! we didn't even have a place to hang our things because the standard closet found in all hotels were ripped off the wall. I am not a fussy person, but this place was just over the top! The list goes on ofcorse.. but we were all very tired. I slept in my day clothes. I was afraid to get changed into fresh clothes because the place was just filthy looking. I never thought I would see such a trashy place in Canada. It exist. Now I know.

you get the picture? Oh my gulay! there's actually so much more - including the bubble gum and the electrical wiring, but I think I do not want to fill my blog with "negative" vibes. It just isn't right.

The Gateway Motel, Edmonton. This place is a dump. I do not recommend anyone ever going there. They charged so much too - $110! They should have closed the motel under the conditions the rooms were in. They are ripping people off!

Randy, Frank, Ron and Linda at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton. Linda's surgery went well. We are all very happy.

In Elko, I went biking in Highway 93. 4 hours of biking! Great workout! and I loved seeing the different bike paths! It's cool! I love summer!

Lilacs in bloom. Ron and Fox one afternoon.

Isabella - Marivic and Sol's very beautiful daughter. It was taken during her Christening day.

I went to watch this movie. It was awesome! Frightfully entertaining! I like horror films!

Elko, grass. One afternoon, after having biked for hours. It was wonderful to just lay there on the grass and watch the sky and the birds fly, and the moon! moments like these when I feel so at peace and so happy.

Today, I found out that my Camera was capable of such clarity! I was shocked and overjoyed! So happy!

I also discovered today, how to use my camera and adjust the settings to take sunset photos. Awesome. Now with all these proof, how could anyone ever doubt the existence of a higher being?

Enjoying the sunset, and taking a test shot on myself. I thought it looked presentable, so here it is! haha! I should have smiled though.

The sunset and then comes the train. We hear the train pass in Elko a few times during the day. Makes a very interesting town.

David's Bike. His bike has made this late spring sunshine so wonderful! Good exercise!

The Railtracks of Elko.


Death. From winter. Perhaps hit by the train. It was probably an Elk.

The Post Boxes. You can send me money if you like. Our address is P.O Box 908, Elko, BC - V0B 1J0, Canada. All donations will be appreciated. hahahaha. Just kidding!

Read. This was posted at the Post Box Area. This easy becomes the official billboard area in the community. Can you believe it? Ron pointed it to me when we went to throw but recyclables in the bins and found it! I couldn't stop laughing!

The famous hole! hahaha. I had taken this while I was resting from biking.

Silver Springs Lake - Near Elko.

Silver Springs Lake. I was there by myself that time. It is a very good destination for hiking and Biking.

Hello there!

The Elko Moon

The Migratory Geese! Loved it!

The Rusty Railway anchors (I guess that's what they are) I see them lying the edges of traintracks.

Huge Huge Nails!

The Train Tracks.

Right behind the Elko Sawmill where Ron works. Well, That's my e-mail for now! I certainly hope that you enjoyed the photos! Do Keep in touch! I send my love to you all!

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