January 2014

The entry hallway is now cleaned and feeling new. Everything has been refreshed. Now we just need something for our jackets and shoes and our keys. 

Bathroom feels much better. All cleaned up. It just needs a little bit more work but it is progress.

The green bathroom. I worked around the existing bathroom fixtures. All that hard work was worth it.

Bedroom now looks promising. Got rid of the old closet doors and replaced it with fabric. Installed shelving for easy storage access. I installed a wall unit. We now have a bed! Yey!

Our small bedroom doesn't feel so small anymore. With the mirror wall unit for our clothes makes the room twice as big. I do not feel claustrophobic in here anymore.

After a hard day at work at home doing all kinds of home improvement, there were times I would go for a nice walk in the new city we have decided to be our new home. This was in Granville street.

I was installing a bath towel holder one day and realized my work was looking right back at me. Cute little thing! hahaha

I took this photo with my iphone at night so it isn;t very clear. but The shop on the left is called "The Little Hardware Store". I made friends with the lad there. Her name is Rose. She is awesome.

My work station - with all the tools and supplies I need for working in the small apartment.

Entry way now has a place for us to hang our coats and a place for our shoes and keys.  Everyday i work at it, I'm happy. Our home feels like home.

Paul's work of art on our entry way area. A new bench assembled which also acts as shoe rack. 

And this is how I make hard boiled eggs. It works. Put the eggs in. Run the coffee maker with just water. Leave it there for about 45 minutes. Perfect! No mess!

The future Living room area and Office.  It still needs a bit of work. We need proper storage. Artwork, a sofa and coffee table. We also need a desk with lots of drawers. 

This took me a long time to clean. About 3 days which included me scrubbing, dusting, washing, fixing kinks, then layers of paint. Labor of love :-)

New light fixtures installed. I like spot lamps. Very easy to manage.

With clutter removed and more of our old stuff either sold or donated, our future living room and office looks ready to receive a sofa and a desk.

And this is how I steam my spinach. I cook rice and when the rice is just about ready - I stuff all the spinach I could place on top of the rice. I leave it there until they all soften.  My camping style cooking method. I love it. haha.

One of those gloomy mornings. I decided to go ride my bike around Stanley park. it was cold in January!


The promise of sunshine…

Rethinking of moving this artwork in the living room area instead of the bedroom.

I assembled the bedside table.

I assembled the Desk

I assembled the dining table.

I assembled the closet unit and foldable wall table.

This is a work area if need be.  Every little improvement makes it feel like home sweet home.

January 26, 2016

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