June 26, 2010

Calgary Visit - 2010

I've uploaded more than 200 photos of the Hike to Ribbon Falls and our visit to Calgary with Paul and Marvinn and Beth (and their kids). CLICK HERE to view the photos!


June 2010

My Classmates

The Summit Building - College of the Rockies, Cranbrook, BC

May 2010

Home cooked meal by chef Ronaldo

The Old Folks Home

This bird was brutally attacked by a Crow 15 times it's size. I scared the crow away and tried to save this bird. But it was too late. I mourned for this tiny bird.

It got broken to pieces...

May 2010

Little leaves waving at me.

Oh. I don't know what to say...."have a good day, I guess?"

I was sooo happy when I took this photo. I thought we were lost and the possibility of spending the night in the forest was dreadful.

I find this dog mysterious. I always see it by itself. Always keeping distance..just watching.

This dog is mean. It likes to attack. Thank goodness for the fence

May 2010

Rain and Hail Combo.. Nice!!!


Ron & Georgia

Looks very alien like.....

awwww.. so cute!

May 2010

I just love seeing all these new flowers coming out

Hiking is such bliss

Ron, Georgia and Paul

I love you trees!

Silver Springs Lake

May 2010

Now this allows me to listen to music while I swim! Yipee!

Silver Springs Log

The water and sky at the lake

My poor old - oversized but well loved hiking shoes.

Hike some more!

May 2010

Another day at the Lab working with Mr. Mannequin.

I.V lessons

Drip rates...

Oh what a job he has..

FREE Ticket! Next time I want Cash for 25 years!

May 2010

Teeth Marks..haha

Just had a haircut. I wish the barbers here were more gifted. Mang Doming of Koken's Barbarshop in Baguio wouldn't have approved of this.

Pizza - Oh how healthy indeed!

This comes in handy when I just want to lay down and close my eyes!

Oh my goodness! Sharpie! you bastards!! Give me back my money!!!! LOL

May 2010

Taking a break from studying at the Library. *yawn*

It's May Already...

Nice Sunny Day

The Fence

Oh the Drama!!! Ouch!

May 2010

I feel the sadness - I see the noise...

Trees watching over me.

Tired feet.

Molly (Auntie Pepita's Cat) Looking into my eyes.

What do you see kitty?

May 2010

Just something I saw on the ground as I was walking one afternoon.

A Filipino Dish at auntie Pepita's

oh! A good reminder indeed!

How Ironic

Graffiti Art

January 26, 2016

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