04. April 2005

Pay attention to episodes in nature that kindle an inner spark of awe and admiration. You don't have to discuss it with another being. If it has meaning to you, it's valid. Listen to the wind, the critters, the rain, and the ocean. Listen to it all. ~1

April 13, 2005 - Wasa Lake. The warmer weather is Finally here. Some of the snow has melted already. I bring a book, some beverage, a pack of cigarettes and just spent the afternoon by the lake. The lake is still too cold to swim in though.

April 13, 2005 - My Client sitting in the front room of his home in Kimberley, BC. His health has improved a lot since I've arrived. Mostly because now he can sleep better knowing he can call for help when he can not move.

Driving Alone on A Long trip in Canada -
A First Time Experience

April 23, 2005
Now that I have my car, I Went driving places all by myself today. It was my day off. I started my round trip at 9:00 AM and got back to Kimberley at 10:00 PM. It was a wonderful feeling just enjoying this sense of empowerment. I can now drive to places hours and hours away and I am free to explore. I worried of course about the car breaking down as it is an old car (and an Oldsmobile brand too ha ha ha) but I knew that If that happened, I will know what to do anyway. I have a brain, I can figure it out.

For $5 I bought 2 teen burgers with fries (on promo) for my "breakfast, lunch and dinner". I listened to oldies music as I drove and smoked my marlboro golds from the Philippines. Oh boy - what a great day.

From Kimberley I drove to Cranbrook, then to Creston, Crossed the Kootenay Lake on a Ferry from Crawford Bay to Nelson City (where I explored the city with much delight because it reminded me of Baguio) then to Salmo and then back to Creston and Cranbrook and then Kimberley

Enjoying Moyie Lake from the side of the road

Creston, BC - oh my! my face! It's huge!! now I know I have really gained weight

The Kootenay Lake

Waiting for the Ferry Ride (Free). Made me realize how rich Canada is. How fortunate I am to be living here. Then I got angry at the thought of how all those corrupt government officials in power in the Philippines and corrupt businesses are living like kings and queens when all the rest of the country is in poverty.. We don't have FREE Ferry rides like this. No unpolluted and clean lakes to cross..arghhh.. never mind.

Other vehicles starting to line up for the ferry. I was the second one to arrive. I was 30 minutes too early. So I got on the mountain bike that i borrowed from Luke and started exploring the area. It was fun!

Finally the ferry is here. We had to wait for it to unload all those vehicles before we got inside

The Ferry Man - directing where everyone should park

This is the car in front of me. I decided to explore

The ferry had a second floor where they had a cafeteria. I took this photo on my way there. I bought coffee and went outside to enjoy the cool breeze and just love the lake. All this traveling and all by myself - a stranger to all these! I love the Canadian experience (It's fun and exciting but It would have been nicer If I had someone to share the experience with).

Drove to Nelson City. This is their City Hall.

The 1987 movie ROXANNE was shot in this town. It was really quite lovely. I could imagine myself living in Nelson. Just the right size and it has almost all the facilities one needs. Plus the people are so hip and alive. It reminds me of Baguio.

Nelson, BC - I took this as I was taking a break from exploring the city on a mountain bike. I wished I could have stayed the night but I needed to get back to work as I was expected to work tomorrow. So off I go. A lot more hours to drive before I get back.

April 23, 2005
It was a truly empowering experience that made me feel closer to God. I drove in silence. Just my thoughts and my prayers and my awareness of how truly beautiful these places are. I know that God gave me everything I need to make it in this world and that the key is to find out how to use them. Thank you God.
I got back to Kimberley around 10:00 PM. I was tired. What a great day it was

April 30, 2005 - Had the opportunity to visit Sparwood, BC on our way to Calgary. I was invited to join Ate Rossini, Marcel and Joann to attend a birthday party there. So on my day off, I was able to join the trip. It was fun!

April 30, 2005 - This photo was taken by Rossini when we were in Sparwood. Myself, Marcel &  Joann

April 30, 2005 - The Birthday Party in Calgary. I was shocked to see so many fellow Filipinos there. This was a huge party. It filled an entire Gym! There were probably 500 Filipinos there! It was wonderful to be able to speak in Filipino once again! When I was there, It felt as if I went back to the Philippines. It was an amazing experience.

~1. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Inspiration (Hay House, Inc. 2006)

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