July 31, 2013

Today our travel itinerary is from Kamloops to Whiterock. I took this from one of our bathroom breaks in Merrit. It was such a lovely day. Perfect for everything! Had my music playing while driving. Ron and I having our merry old conversations. I feel great!

Visitor information center, Merritt, BC

Three Frogs. Speak no evil, See no Evil, Hear no evil. 

I am grateful for the kindness that surrounds me everyday and I send the same energy to the world. Thank you, thank you , thank you!

 I do not have a name for him. 

Maybe I will call him Mr. Whitehead

Ron and I visiting our friend Allen in Whiterock, BC at a vietnamese restaurant. 

The Whiterock beach right after supper. 

Sunset.... such a beautiful feeling being there today. The feel of the ocean breeze and the sound of the crashing waves. It was just sooo relaxing. 

Ron and Allen visiting over Whiterock beach. 

A stranger having his "me" time by the seashore in Whiterock. 

These colors remind me of the sunsets we had in my old hometown Baguio, Philippines. 

In Crescent Beach, South Surrey, BC

Ice Cream after the beach walk. 

Italian Gelatos!

Aquarium lighting vent. 

Today was an amazing day. I am grateful. That's my latest update for now. Hugs to all


July 30, 2013

This Cat's name is Kooney. I would rather call him George.. you know George Kooney.. hahaha

Hi George!

Visiting Family in Kamloops, BC

Kamloops, British Columbia

It was a good visit in Kamloops, BC


July 29, 2013

This was taken in Chase, British Columbia

In Chase, BC

Chase, BC

We visited our friends from Chase, BC and had dinner at their beautiful home. It is such an honor to know such wonderful people. 

Our friends

Here is to one happy pig. Makes me smile!


Lesson of Time

Something I saw on facebook today: 

When a bird is alive.. It eats Ants. 
When the bird is dead.. 
Ants eat the bird. 
Time & Circumstances can change at any time. 
Don't devalue or hurt anyone in life. 
You may be powerful today. 
But remember. 
Time is more powerful than you!
One tree makes a million match sticks..
Only one match stick needed to burn a million trees...

So be good and do good. 



July 2013

House is all cleaned up. This has been my job to do and after more than 2 weeks, finally got it to the stage I want it to look. Ready for the future owners. 

late at night...

Fruits and Color


Bathroom all done

A good reminder for me for the day

Doing some test shots with GoPro Camera

Today in July, I got my new camera. I bought it online from  Canon Rebel T2i. I love it!

test shot. Hmm. There's lots to learn still. 

Reading up on the camera manual. Such a pain! LOL

Another test shot.

And another test shot

Eric was at the hospital this month

Hospital food.

I saw this at the hospital parking lot from an old truck. 

Mr. Mike's Menu cover

Tim - waiting for his food. 

Antler beer. 

Antler beer coaster

Antler Beer coaster


Ready for winter

Frank Fisher passed away this month. :-( 

Frank Fisher's Memorial Dinner

Frank Fisher's Memorial dinner

Frank Fisher's Family

Family Reunion

At Eric and Tim's home

A documentary film I was watching this month. 

A very good site people should go to about cloud seeding. Very important that people know about this!!!

Remebering Frank. I will miss you

Chinese Food. Lunch in Fruitvale.

The Tab

Fruitvale  Mural

Fruitvale Mural

Visaiting Amy and Aaron in Creston

January 26, 2016

Today Ron comes home from his long Vacation. I am so excited for his homecoming that I decided to make an art wall. Lots of meas...