Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas 2007!

December 24, 2007 - Monday

  • After shoveling and snow blowing 5 inches of snow around the house and in our alley, Ron and I (with fox) went out for our winter's day walk. Just a marvelous day today!

  • I miss you all my friends and family and wish I could be with everyone of you. Merry Merry Christmas! You are all blessings to me.

  • May God's Song of love echo in your heart as you celebrate this Holiday season! Love you all!

This I send out to everyone I know:

Click Here for the updated List:


12. December 2007 (19th)

December 10, 2007
  • Thought I would change this tissue box from Black to white. So I got some craft paper , scissors and double sided tape. Voila - Now it's white!

December 10, 2007
  • Had to get an orange craft paper for the background here because white on white is invisible on the screen. Do you Like it? I certainly enjoyed making it.

December 11, 2007 -
  • I have not had work since September 12 this year. That's 3 months of vacation for me. My bank account is starting to get depleted and so I need to look for work ASAP. Here you see my Application papers for various job opportunities within Fernie. All I need now is a job with a structured schedule and full time in nature.

December 17, 2007
  • I accepted a job at the Stanford Inn in Fernie as a housekeeper. I start Training on December 20.

  • A Stray cat - poor kitty. always hungy. It seems like it's owners have forgotten about him. We don't even know what the cat's name is. But it sure looks like it's been neglected, so we can't help but feed it. Poor thing. It comes over everyday for a a meal.

December 19, 2007
  • Ron and Fox - walking in Elko.

  • Fox - such a loving and happy dog

December 19, 2007
  • Fox and myself - out walking

  • Our Home in Elko, BC

  • Merry Christmas!!!

  • This sewing machine courtesy of auntie Pet. I learned bits and pieces of techniques on how to sew. Tonight, I had to hem my work pants for Stanford Inn. I got to work tomorrow from 8AM to 4PM.


December Birthdays!



Often times I have not had the time to send birthday cards and greetings to friends and family . From now on on a monthly basis, I will try to do a birthday list . This is my way of saying that I value and treasure all of you! Happy Happy Birthday!


  • Karen - Birthday on the 3rd
  • Jerry Simpson "Dad" - Birthday on the 10th
  • Joyvette - Birthday on the 12th
  • Ron - Birthday on the 14
  • Scott - Birthday on the 17th
  • Elize - Birthday on the 20th
  • Chrylyne - Birthday on the 20th
  • Nanette - Birthday on the 22nd
  • Christian - Birthday on the 26th
  • Stephanie - Birthday on the 26th
  • John - Birthday on the 27th
  • Daisy Jane - Birthday on the 27th
  • Minerva - Birthday on the 28th
  • Jake - Birthday on the 29th
  • Eric - Birthday on the 30th


To each one of you,

I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. May your life be blessed with Joy and beautiful memories and may you continue making more of them as blessings pour in to your life. Cheers! Happy Happy Birthday!

Big Hugs and Love,



The Mantyhose

Last November 24, 2007 - Ron and I were cleaning out his old yellow cabin and found this from his dad's stockroom. I thought it was so funny, I should post it. This funny gift was from V. published under my blog with her consent of course. Thanks V! Big Hugs!


Which Do You Think Is Better?

Which of these two photos of the same subject would you prefer? This is just one of the many things I've been pre-occupied with lately. Tonight I am learning about how to recycle old poster/photo frames .


December 2, 2007 - Sunday

It was minus 14 (Celsius) today, about 4 inches of snow. Went for a walk with Ron and Fox (tim's dog). It's like winter wonderland outside. But it seems the snow affects me in a weird way. I sometimes find myself with an aching in my heart that makes me feel like crying, especially when I hear Christmas songs. I haven't seen my closest friends and family for more than 3 years now. I feel sometimes as If I would die from the heartache. I wonder why do I subject myself to such things? perhaps I need to simplify my life. I have a brain. I will eventually figure it out and learn from all these. Ha ha


12.1 Walking In Snow

December 1, 2007 - Saturday, 4:05 PM, Elko, British Columbia, Canada. I had a great time doing a two-hour walk with Ron, Paul and Tim (& Fox - the dog) today. It was -15 celcius, plus the wind was blowing some. Rosie cheeks by the time we got back home. My face felt like somebody overdosed my cheeks with anesthesia. In order to enjoy outdoors in such extreme weather make sure to dress properly, otherwise it will be nothing but torture. I had to learn that the hard way so many times during the past 3 winters.

Tim, Ron, Paul & Fox - Elko, BC

Snow On Rocks - Elko, BC

Paul and Fox


A Growing List of People I Know or Met

LAST UPDATED: December 29, 2007 - Saturday

Here is a growing list (I will keep updating as I remember more) of my family, friends (of varying degrees) or Acquaintances who in some ways or forms have touched my life and I want to thank each one of you and send my love. All the people who I have crossed paths with. (I thought it would be an easy list to come up with then I realize it gets more and more complicated as I get to remember the details...) And If you know me, and your name is not in the list, please let me know ASAP so I can add you in!!! :-)


  • Mama Digna - best mom in the world!
  • Daddy Pepito - a constant reminder that I can do better in Life
  • Manong Lito -
  • Manong John -
  • Manong Timmy - I love you
  • Ate Emmeline - she taught me what weakness can do to you.
  • Manang Lucille - Those 2 minutes on the phone when ma passed away kept me together. I love you.
  • Manang Josie - Humble and quiet
  • Manang Imee - responsible
  • My Niece Cherylyn - still water runs deep
  • My Nephew Erickson -
  • My Nephew Richard -
  • My Niece Adrienne -
  • My Niece Nicole -
  • My Nephew Joe
  • My Nephew Jack
  • My Nephew Jessie
  • My Nephew Ivan
  • My Nephew Tryan

  • Uncle Chris
  • Auntie Lisa
  • My Cousin Benjamin
  • My Cousin Donna
  • My Cousin Douglas
  • Auntie Angie
  • Uncle Rene
  • My Cousin Mark
  • My Cousin Roy
  • My Cousin Abby Zegar, Allen, Akira and Story with their dog named Cherry
  • My Cousin ****
  • Uncle Mike
  • Auntie Lynn
  • My Cousin Michael
  • My Cousin Michelle (& Andrew) Jazmin, Julia & Jacklyn
  • Julie Kathryn N. Aluyen
  • Uncle Francis
  • Aunt Getty
  • My Cousin Almira Pulmano
  • *My Cousin Bartley
  • My Cousin Clarence
  • Uncle Dennis
  • My Cousin Stephanie Andrada
  • My Cousin Charlotte
  • My Cousin Demi
  • My Cousin Banjo
  • Madonna Charlene Anne Floresca
  • Willy & Pauline Zaragoza
  • Sarah Flores
  • Auntie Didi
  • Auntie Teodora (Balsigan)
  • Her Daughter Rowena
  • Her son *
  • Marilyn Mesina

  • My Auntie Reming
  • My Lola Francisca (+)
  • My Uncle Popong (+)
  • My Cousin Wita
  • My Cousin Ellen
  • My Cousin Ronnie
  • My Cousin Rolan
  • Uncle Andiong (+)
  • My Cousin Danny
  • My Cousin Junior
  • My Cousin Engelbert
  • My Cousin Percy
  • My Auntie Sepin (+)
  • Kent
  • Bambino
  • Tin-tin
  • Eca
  • Dianne
  • Jenny
  • Raisa
  • Chritian (Crizchan ;-))
  • Ate Liza Lorenzo
  • My Pinsan Manong Leonard
  • My Auntie Sioning
  • Rainey
  • Julie Aluyen
  • Andrea Ellen Lou Bacani


  • Steve - Singapore Airlines
  • PilotAbdullah The Pilot
  • 2 ministers from Australia
  • 2 Flight stewardess from Singapore Airlines
  • Nancy Krueger (Mama's Penpal)
  • Mrs. Remi Frigillana (BCHS)
  • Susie Balweg
  • Mrs. Rose Cabanilla
  • Freddy & Rose (her kids)


  • Henry - Ikoy
  • Boogie
  • Bang Bang
  • Manong Larry
  • Ate Veron
  • Salee
  • Auntie Vicky Laguiwed
  • Jun-Jun
  • Allan
  • Gideon
  • Noel
  • Rambo
  • Auntie Sonya* 2 daughters
  • Martin (& Their Mom)
  • Lito
  • Andrew
  • Vicky (the younger one)
  • Agnes
  • Jingle
  • Jinette
  • The Rivera Family
  • The Andres Family
  • The Haya Family


  • Mrs. Agatep
  • Brian


  • Allen
  • Ameurfina Castillo
  • Angeline Dizo
  • Elizabeth Yamashita
  • Emelson Dontogan
  • Gerry Garcia
  • Joan (who went to Canada)
  • Jane Lopez
  • Manuel
  • Michael Parisas
  • Mrs. Laranang - my grade 1 teacher (she was so wonderful..)
  • Mrs. Matias
  • Mrs. Mejia -
  • Ms. Kalngan
  • Patricia
  • Renante
  • Susan
  • Vicky
  • Violeta
  • Mang Doming (my barber)
  • Belen (The YMCA Librarian)
  • Mrs. Kalngan

  • Mrs. Laconsay
  • Mrs. Julian
  • Mang Cesar of City High - The Janitor
  • Sir David (My Social Studies Teacher)
  • Mrs. Bautista (My Math Teacher)
  • Mrs. Julian
  • Mrs. Rivera
  • Mr. Torquato
  • Mr. Philip Flores
  • Mrs. Florendo
  • The H.E Faculty Department
  • Mrs. Guadana


  • Aileen Abner
  • Althea Agcon
  • Amor Castillo
  • Adahlia Abayari
  • Annalisa Lachica
  • Celeste Celeste
  • Chreylane Altura
  • Cipriano Tucay
  • Edward Eserio
  • Genevieve Ventura
  • Gary Puckett
  • Hans Aliping
  • Ismael Enano
  • Janethyn Dumo
  • Jennifer Dangla
  • Jerico Florendo
  • Kym Alvaro
  • Larry Libag
  • Lorijane Bentrez
  • Marlinda Gaab
  • Martha Contic
  • Maryanne Biaes
  • Marygrace
  • Maryflor Lusadaz
  • Maryjoy Ganggoso
  • Michael
  • Monina Picaso
  • Noreen Calub
  • Novaleah Esperanza
  • Renante
  • Ruperto Guadana
  • Sharon Fangonon
  • Rosanne Tavara
  • Rhonalet Haya
  • Rosalie
  • JD - from lower year


  • Abigail (BSU)
  • Annalein Donato
  • Antot Balawan
  • Beverly
  • Blitz
  • Celyn
  • Ces Frances
  • Chris Isguerra
  • Christine Speres
  • Christopher Doi
  • Corrine
  • Crisanta
  • Crispin Dacanay (Raquel, Elize, Qyle)
  • Daisy Jane
  • Danilo Nebres
  • Donn Fernandes
  • Donna Pinlac (BSU)
  • Donna (SLU)
  • Doyette Amor
  • Edward Ohastro
  • Elizabeth (BSU)
  • Elizabeth Ancheta (SLU)
  • Gail (SLU)
  • Godffrey (BSU)
  • Irene Biteng
  • Janet Sayapen & Friend
  • Juana (BSU)
  • Jun Petines
  • Mafel Llanillo
  • Mariecris Solano
  • Marvinn Antonio (Beth)
  • Maryjoy Daliling (BSU)
  • Marrien The Beauty Queen
  • Mrs. Grace Ramos
  • Mrs. Marie Lee Anne Castro
  • Renante Agdong (BSU)
  • Shy Fontelera
  • Steve Cacayorin
  • Vicente Panagan (BSU)
  • Mona Sison
  • Regina Bugayon
  • Lani or Lhay Navarro
  • Jasmin
  • Bey Cunanan


  • Allan Lumbao
  • Amor's Brothers & Sisters
  • Bynx Costales
  • Ched Emilyano
  • Dindo Dacanay
  • Grace Bandoy
  • Jones Balawan (& Kids)
  • Kaye Ligayo
  • Mommy (amor's Mom)
  • Monica Costales
  • Nanette Dacanay
  • Rhoda Rosario
  • The Bandoy sisters
  • Virgie Cacayorin (& Kids)
  • Dra. Cando - My Dentist You are the best

  • Cecil Ascalon
  • Kapitana Chiok
  • Brenda
  • Brenny
  • Ricky Chiok
  • Roberto Ramirez
  • Violeta Chiok
  • Yuri Ramirez
  • Jayson Ramirez
  • Rafael Ramirez
  • Leslie Ramirez
  • Linda R. ______
  • Nina Ramirez



  • Al Galvez
  • Dianne Dalisay Garcia
  • Francis Ortellano
  • Alma Lapid
  • Amiel
  • Ariel Villanueva
  • Armi Legaspina - Lived above BGFM
  • Benjie - Hairstylist in Marbay, Cut my Hair
  • Beth Ramirez - Big Sound La Union
  • Chit Camero
  • Chito Palomo and Maribel
  • DZYB Technicians (There are 5 people there who were so nice to me. I can't remember their names now but It will come to me)
  • Edsel Joy
  • Elcar John Solera
  • Elmer
  • Erille
  • Fritz Padilla
  • GerryChai - RIanne Camillo
  • Gil Vergara
  • Godfrey Dimaandal
  • Jay
  • Jerry
  • Joyvette
  • Keng Banes
  • Kuya Nonog (News Agency) and His Wife
  • Lala Sheila Cirilo
  • Lei Luna
  • Lorianne
  • Mae Castro
  • Rosie Sia
  • Mang Gerry Labrador - Store owner sa Quezon Hill
  • Marlon Joson
  • Michelle Arieta
  • Mike Cruz
  • Monching Leynes
  • Nikki
  • Noel Galvez
  • (Big Sound 97.5 Lucena Staff)
  • Sandra (Big Sound 97.5 Lucena Staff)
  • Kurt (Big Sound 97.5 Lucena Staff)
  • Meg (Big Sound 97.5 Lucena Staff)
  • Ram (Big Sound 97.5 Lucena Staff)
  • Normandy (Big Sound 97.5 Lucena Staff)
  • Snow PaduaDr. *
  • Staff in Tuguegarao & Lucena
  • Vladimir Cordero
  • Rachel (or Hersheys she was working with Campus Radio)
  • Eli Bruce (Magic 99.9)
  • Tina Chua (Magic 99.9)


  • Carlo Garcia
  • Cecille Lardizabal
  • Edward Uy
  • Hiyas Bardillas
  • Lito Cabarubias
  • Mr. Mark Perez
  • Santi Brioso
  • Vangie Moises
  • Fiedes Doctor


  • Bobby Areola
  • Buddy
  • Ethel Placido
  • Ferdinand Gonzales
  • Guillermo Baniqued
  • Joy Areola
  • Kuya Bernie
  • Maricor Nozares
  • Maryjane
  • Marney Villanueva
  • Norman
  • Anna May Levardo
  • Rolan Francisco
  • Roland (The German Guy)
  • Sylia Areola


  • Mr. Pio Salvador
  • Percylyn Pagnas
  • May
  • Melen
  • Blen
  • Satty


  • Ms. M
  • Karen


  • Annie Calimquim
  • Bernadette
  • Cha Cha
  • Charity Hizon
  • Chit DeGuzman
  • Christine Oliquiano
  • Dante Alim
  • Edith
  • Elmer DeGuzman
  • Francis P.I A
  • Helen Ledesma
  • Jeanette
  • Juanita Villena
  • Maria Aurora Quiray
  • May
  • Marrien Bello
  • Mei Amlag
  • Sam Espiritu

SCHOOL - After University

  • Eunice Mislay
  • Fely Maspil* That teacher from TESDA
  • Josephine Uy
  • Yolanda Leigh Maraneg
  • Marie Villanueva – Red Cross


  • Leah
  • Mary Vivelyn
  • Lejani Lepato
  • Jujie
  • Catherine
  • Lydia Carantes
  • Cesar Chonchonen


  • Alphonse & Marichu
  • Bill Walker
  • Bob & Liz Kranabetter
  • Brenda Hill & Will
  • Carmen Sprlak
  • Carolyn Shepherds
  • Conrad Nievera
  • Dan (the one who sold me my 1st car)
  • Daniel Farnacio
  • David
  • Daryl (our friend from Vancouver)
  • Deither & Elma
  • Dino Georgio
  • Elizabeth & Her Baby
  • Eric Fisher & Tim
  • Frank Fisher
  • Freddy Mamaril
  • George Sun & his 2 sons
  • Gordon Kamlah & Heather
  • Grayle Mangangey (Calgary) & 2 Kids
  • Helen Gose
  • Jake
  • James (Jay) Zeegers & Dennis
  • Jim & Garry
  • Joann Agbayani (& John)
  • Juanita
  • Kathy
  • Kerry & Shawn
  • Lani
  • Luke Farrell
  • Marcel Lalande & Rossini
  • Maribel Valim
  • Marivic & Zol
  • Mike Derksen
  • Martin Pearson
  • Minda & Ernie
  • Noel Cruz & Family Fr. Elkford
  • Pam Brunisholz
  • Paul Ellison
  • Pepita
  • Ping Ping
  • Ron Fisher
  • Ron Neufeglese
  • Ron Wills & David
  • Rossini Lalande
  • Scott Katafias
  • Steve Sprlack
  • Stewart Martin
  • Tet Manibug (Vancouver)
  • Wayne (in Cranbrook & Ontario)
  • Wilfred Nieva


  • Jerry Simpson
  • Pastor William Penick
  • Keith Phares
  • Vern


  • Abigail Hollis Gray – Florida
  • Rodney Dingle – Australia
  • Iandih Escolano
  • Chris B. (Thanks for helping out)
  • Aperire - April Joy Macadangdang'
  • Ester

Stanford Inn - House Keeping Staff (I worked with them for a little while)

  • Cathy - the boss
  • Joanne -
  • Cheryl -
  • Susan -
  • Amanda -
  • Samantha -
  • Lee -
  • Ross -
  • Donna 1
  • Donna 2
  • Jack -
  • Natasha -
  • Jack -
  • Adrian
  • Jolene

Oh! I Just Remembered...Of course:

  • Filamer Kabigting


Thank You For Being a Part of my Life

When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.

They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be.

Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.

What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it, it is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.
Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime


11. November 2007

November 15, 2007 8:36 PM - Elko, BC, Canada

My Dearest Manong Timmy and ALL of my Family and Friends,I've been really busy for the past two months adjusting to my new life in Elko. I am still currently (by choice) not employed. I have been on a full rampage (ha ha ha) - doing house chores (major cleaning and interior design and re-organizing). I have learned how to use a sewing machine, I've learned some new carpentry skills (using power tools), (I made a furniture stand, shelves, etc), and some house painting. Done lots of arm and body workout through lifting, carrying, pushing, scrubbing and loved every moment as my project started coming together. I worked of course on a really low budget and everybody at home started helping out too. I found the experience very therapeutic that somehow bonded everyone at home together. Now with the house all clutter free, easy to clean and so organized everyone at home seems so much happier. Now I can call the house that Ron lives in (along with his brother Eric & Tim and Dad Frank) my home too.

November 11, 2007 - Sunday
Dinner (& My Birthday) Party

We had a few friends come over. Ron, Eric & Tim did an excellent job making dinner. It was a really happy party.


My 32nd Birthday! This is an Ice Cream Cake by the way. Eric & Tim got it for me. Thanks so much!


A Bonfire during the party. With the dance music playing, wine and beer - we all had a great time. Lots of laughter in this quiet little town of Elko.

November 15, 2007 - Thursday
First snow fall - Winter is here

Today Ron needed to go see the doctor. He was having some aches and pains on his lower back area. It got so bad that he wasn't able to sleep at all last night and this kept him from working today. It worries me.

I was driving Ron's car today on our way to see the doctor and the tires weren't gripping. I was told that the first snow fall is usually very bad. Nearly lost control of the car and it freaked me out. Ron had to take over driving (despite his aches and pains) being the more experienced winter driver.

Snow - I never thought it would be depressing.

November 15, 2007 - Thursday. Fernie, BC

Snow - Cold, Gray & White. Makes me sleepy and tired. Everywhere around me in this weather feels to me like sadness. What a depressing season (but that's just me of course).

I'd like to apologize to everybody for not being able to keep up with the e-mails and all. I do appreciate all the letters and e-mails that still (thankfully) come my way (they are getting fewer and fewer... but they say that's normal. Out of sight - out of mind. I do wish I can visit again someday, that way I will not become permanently out of sight...thus... you get my point...). I'm very thankful you guys still remember me and I send out my biggest hugs and love. Thanks so much for being there for me despite my shortcomings.

Love you all,

January 26, 2016

Today Ron comes home from his long Vacation. I am so excited for his homecoming that I decided to make an art wall. Lots of meas...