New Friends

March 29, 2008 - Saturday

Ron and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with our friend Kathy and our NEW Friends Abi and Lily. They just arrived in Canada from homeland Philippines 15 days ago and still trying to get used to the much colder weather. They remind me so much of what it was like for me when I myself just arrived in Canada..From our chit chat at the Yamagoya Restaurant, we counted at least 8 Filipinos living within the local area now That includes us of course.

Japanese food was quite interesting. I found using the chopsticks they had were much easier on my hands because theya are a little bit shorter that the ones I ussually use in other restaurants. I intentionally "shrunk" the photo above because I am a little bit embarassed how I've let myself go with my eating habits... hehehe I have gained excess weight. I hope to lose wight as soon as I can. It doesn't look good. (But if you click on the photo , you will be able to see it regular size).

I wish summer were here already. But it seems it is not even spring yet.


Gong Away!

March 28, 2008 [Friday] It's 7:00 AM, My day off starts in 2 hours. I'm posting this now and have to head upstairs to do some house keeping and attend to a patient (Assist in ADLs). Have to get the medications prepared, Make some phone calls, Mop the floor, Collect the garbage, clean up the kitchen and get away as fast as I can! hehehe!

Anyway... I'm off!

  • March 25, 2008 - Tuesday : These are Holiday gifts from Joann, John and Janea! Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness! Ron extends his big hugs. He loved the chocolates! Salamat Kaibigan!

  • March 27, 2008 - 1:44 PM. I bought this gong this afternoon as I was walking about Platzl, in Kimberley. I found this shop called REVOLUTION Acupuncture, by 255 Spokane Avenue. I gonged it (Is there such a word?) and it made this beautiful soothing lingering echo I just had to buy it. It's a very peaceful sound. I gong at it to remind myself sometimes to just focus my thoughts and be at peace.. (I know.. sounds weird to me too) but it seems to work. Helps me meditate (until the echo disappears - very cool)

  • March 27, 2008 - 7:00 PM: Waiting for my dinner at Kelsey's. Trickle Creek Resort, 100-500 Stemwinder Drive, Kimberley, BC

  • Kelsey's Staff singing Happy birthday to the little girl on the right!

  • Happy girls! and a very very happy little birthday girl!

  • March 28, 2008 [Friday] - 4:30 AM: This is my work station at my clients basement. I am on-call 24 hours a day. I never get normal and uninterrupted sleep here. Most of the time I am awake. The computer and some reading material keep me sane. Anyway, Why I am posting this is because I wanted my friend Aperire who wrote that she is missing her home , to see one of the things that help me combat homesickness. That would be the Digital Photo Frame, which gives me unending slideshows of hundreds and hundreds of photos of people, places, events that bring back wonderful memories. Having it with me at work makes me feel I've never left home! Try it! It is a worth while investment for people who are far away from friends and family.

  • March 28, 2008 [Friday] I strategically placed the Digital photo frame where i could see it both from my desk and when I am lying down in bed (especially when I am lying down in bed). It helps put me to sleep and it feels like home. Just as if I never left at all. Friends and love ones, all around.


March 2008

My Dearest Friends and Family, I know I'm a bit slow in updating.. But here they are. But before anything else, My Greetings to all the Birthday Celebrants of March:
  • March 5- Malou Eugenenio (CASCADE)

  • March 7- Manong Mon Bunglay (CASCADE)

  • March 7- Manong Sam Espiritu (POPCOM).

  • March 8- Qryz Here's wishing you all the best in Life brother! Thanks for always updating me! Hopefully babawi nalang ako sa susunod mong birthday! baka nasa Pinas na ako nun for Bakasyon! hehe

  • March 8- Michelle My Cousin! - I miss you! Hope your birthday was a blast!

  • March 9- Ivan Ray My Nephew (14) - How time flies! I love you!

  • March 10- Andy Ricamata (BGFM)

  • March 10- Faith Tiglao (CASCADE)

  • March 13- Joe Agendroit (14)- Big hugs and much love from uncle!

  • March 13- Roberto Ramirez- I miss Alapang! Hope your birthday was awesome!

  • March 14- Christine Oliquiano (Bontoc) Sista! Birthday mo pala!

  • March 15- Daddy Pepito. I love you!

  • March 15- Lovejoy Emaguin - kamusta ka na?

  • March 16- Amor bestfriend - So happy chatting with you. Congrats sa new Car!

  • March 17- Manong Lito - Wazzup? What you do for your birthday? Love you!

  • March 17- Percy Pagnas (CASCADE) - Alam ko nasa Canada ka na. If you happen to see this post, leave a message will you? Big Hugs my dear friend.

  • March 18- Tryan Roy my nephew(8) - Hay naku sabay sabay mga nephews ko mag birthday! Love you too!

  • March 21- Clair Comicho (CASCADE) - Hope all is well!

  • March 29- Celyn Sta. Maria - Wow Congtas to the new Mommy! & Happy Bday!

  • March 29- Ester FRancisco from ON! - Ang saya saya!

Happy Anniversary:
  • March 4- Manong John and Josie

  • March 16- Uncle Rene and Auntie Angie

  • March 28- Manong Timmy and Imee
Anyway, I am doing well. I just everyone to know you can call me on my Skype. My Account name is : humanoid247. Take care and love you all! Please make sure to leave comments!

  • March 21 - From our Friend Paul's house, we walked to China Town.. Here is Ron & Paul. MY shutter speed was slow. It was getting dark.

Gee Gong Restaurant LT

206 C Centre Street T2G2B6

Calgary, AB

  • March 21 - Gee Gong Restaurant in Calgary (China Town). We had the best Barbeque Duck, Wor-Wonton, Tofu with Bean Sprouts, & Steamed Rice! Very very very filling. Really wonderful dinner. I recommend it if you ever find yourself in China Town.

  • March 21 - After Dinner. A Walk to Paul's House. We really needed that walk kasi ang bigat ng tiyan namin!

  • March 21 - The same walk. Just another view

  • March 21 - Georgina's House. I am simply a wallpaper here! Ha ha ha!

  • March 22 - Ron and I went for a wonderful walk around Downtown Calgary today. I even got a haircut! Special thanks to Stylist Anita of Shear Synergy Salon, #170, 328 Centre Street, SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 4X6. I'm putting this here so Paul can find his way there (hahaha) Phone number: 403 698 1136, Cel: 403 714 1783.

  • March 23 - Early morning. It was -6 C. Ron and I decided we wanted to go for an early morning walk. Here is the Calgary tower at Dawn

  • March 23 - Another view of the Calgary tower. This was taken from one of the parks we walked that morning.

  • March 23 - Around 7:30 AM. I had a hard time trying to keep my Camera steady.

  • March 23 - Noon Time. On Foot. Same Place we walked last night.

  • March 23 - Downtown Calgary - Ron doing a big gooey chore! Ha ha!

  • March 23 - What you looking at Ron?

  • March 23 - Eat Me! Don't I look crispy? He he he

  • March 23 - Kissing Couple. Awww How Sweet!

  • March 23 - Breakfast!

  • March 23 - Around 4:00 PM. This is Ron and I leaving Calgary and heading home to Elko. Thanks so Much Paul, Freddy, Bill and Georgina. We had an awesome time!

  • March 23 - Weather changes as soon as we got to Coleman. Snow Snow snow!!! Oh No!!

  • March 23 - Our "mini vacation" is really over now. It's just back to work soon. Oh well. This photo was taken just Before Sparwood. It was the same snow all the way to Fernie. *Sigh*

  • March 24 - Monday. Snapshots on my way to work. I work Mondays 9AM to Fridays 9AM.

  • It looks like a deer - But it's actually an elk. A herd of them came crossing after this one led the way. I had to stop of course.

  • The road looks Icy doesn't it? This was taken about 10 minutes from where I work.


February 2008

here I am again with my "eyes" for the world to see this February. A Summary for the highlights of this month. With the changing of my e-mail address, I'm still not getting any better with responding to e-mails (Although you do know I love all of you). I will e-mail soon!

February 15, 2008 - Friday
Gone out today with Ron, Frank and some friends at the Fernie Hotel. Nice dinner. I had 2 beers and a few smokes. I have affirmed to myself how I do not really enjoy going to bars as I used to when I was in the 20's. I've outgrown the need to go to such places. It no longer fills the need for friends. I think it is because i have enough friends and so many of them too.

February 16, 2008 - Saturday
This is wor wonton soup. A huge bowl. I ate it all by myself. hahahaha. Yummy!

February 19, 2008 - Tuesday
Gone out walking with Ron in Elko.

February 21, 2008- Thursday
This is the highway 3, close to Home in Elko, BC. This is the one right after the crossing between highway 93 and highway 3. Took this when Ron and I were out walking.

February 22, 2008 - Friday
Left over Chinese Dinner. Had this for lunch today. Yummy still. I love Chinese food!

February 24, 2008- Sunday
Today Ron and I had dinner with auntie Pet and Helen at the House of Chan in Cranbrook. Excellent food!

February 24, 2008 - Sunday
This is my new phone (unit) under Telus. I quit subscribing to Rogers. Their service sucks. Poor signal and quite expensive. I am hoping that this time TELUS would be a better choice because I just signed up for a 3 year contract. So far, the signal is better.

February 25, 2008 - Monday
I had to travel to Edmonton for work. My client needs some assistance. So here is a photo from where I sat in the bus going there. The bus drivers for Greyhound (all three of them) were quite grumpy today.

February 26, 2008 - Tuesday
This is the food court at the University of Alberta Hospital, In Edmonton. I saw a lot of Filipino workers there.

February 26, 2008 - Tuesday
This is what I am currently reading. I recommend it to everyone. This is my kind of reading material.

February 27, 2008- Wednesday
I took this from Dr. Nancy Fisher's office at the University of Alberta Hospital. I was bored and was just waiting until all the tests are done for my client.

February 27, 2008 - Wednesday
I was dying for a cigarette. I had to walk 3 blocks to the closest grocery store just to buy a pack. But the walk that night was actually quite pleasant despite the cold.

February 28, 2008 - Thursday. Today's work was to get my client to his appointments in two different hospitals. These are The Royal Alexandria Hospital and the Glenrose Hospital. It was one busy day.

February 28, 2008 - Thursday
I took this photo while i was having my "dinner" (a California maki combo with diet coke) at a park at 50th avenue in Edmonton. The bench was a bit cold but It was nice to just sit there and enjoy my food.

February 29, 2008 - Friday

A Waterpark inside the mall. These kids were certainly having a blast.

A Show was happening there. I had no interest in anything in the mall except for the TOKYO Sushi express at the food court. That was so good. I ordered a Beef Bento meal and I was so stuffed. That's the only thing at the mall that seemed to have caught my interest. Overall it was boring walking around and not having the desire to shop for anything.

The people were watching the show below from the 2nd level.

I discovered that there is this indoor skating rink at the mall as well. I had no desire to skate. Not much fun doing stuff without anyone to share it with. I wish Ron was with me then.

Kids having fun!

January 26, 2016

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