December 2011

Gone to Kamloops one day.....

Tita Juanita was very ill. Like my mom, she too had cancer. Times like these you needed to find your sunshine within and try to shine as bright as you can.

Gone to Calgary today.

Gone for a walk with our good friend Paul.


Paul's studio.

BEWARE: of the Pointe Inn - Calgary. We got out of there as soon as possible. Super Yikes! Never ever going back there ever again. If you see the Pointe Inn, go elsewhere!

Gathering for Christian's Achievement in school!

My very best friends!

Antot & Marvinn

Visiting my dear friends Beth and Marvinn in Calgary.

Remembering Tita Juanita.

Tita Juanita's Funeral. She was like a 2nd mom to me.

Christmas tree 2011.

I got this lamp from Paul for Christmas 2011!!!!!

Christmas day gift exchange just before I head off to work.

I bought these glasses online from for only $38 Canadian. So much savings! I was also able to buy prescription swimming glasses for $20. Awesome!!

This is the last photo of 2011 and the first for 2012. Unbelievable!!

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