New Friends

March 29, 2008 - Saturday

Ron and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with our friend Kathy and our NEW Friends Abi and Lily. They just arrived in Canada from homeland Philippines 15 days ago and still trying to get used to the much colder weather. They remind me so much of what it was like for me when I myself just arrived in Canada..From our chit chat at the Yamagoya Restaurant, we counted at least 8 Filipinos living within the local area now That includes us of course.

Japanese food was quite interesting. I found using the chopsticks they had were much easier on my hands because theya are a little bit shorter that the ones I ussually use in other restaurants. I intentionally "shrunk" the photo above because I am a little bit embarassed how I've let myself go with my eating habits... hehehe I have gained excess weight. I hope to lose wight as soon as I can. It doesn't look good. (But if you click on the photo , you will be able to see it regular size).

I wish summer were here already. But it seems it is not even spring yet.


  1. hello cousin,

    Am happy you always find time to communicate to everyone especially to your family and relatives..your really an mukhang inspired ka rin talaga ha! pakilala mo naman gf mo or bf ba? hehehe..

    ok always take care and keep in touch..


    manang imelda

  2. Hi Edgar

    a hello form Vancouver . I jhope everything is going good for you . The weather should be warmer shortly

    Ron N.


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