A Page In A Notebook

June 2007 A Summer Afternoon in Marysville

How time flies We are here but only for a while And all the things we hold on so dearly will be gone. How time flies and all for what? Nothing lasts forever except love. And even that sometimes is forgotten. But when it is felt, it resounds an echo that travels farther than we know - it leads us back where we belong. Great people or just plain people – yet all fall eventually to insignificance. I know I too shall succumb to this insignificance when the time is up. But temporary as it may be - my promise is to live my life the best way I know how. And it is the journey of learning even further that will teach me to live that way. My name and my history are no longer as significant when I look at the future. My pasts were all but good for me. The myriad of memories and feelings of curiosity - life lessons and revelation from mistakes I hope I’ve learned from; all for a purpose at my present moment, most likely fulfilled. Sitting here - staring at my notebook, listening to the sound of chirping birds as the gentle breeze caress my face - I am at peace ... Knowing although I will not live forever, I am here feeling the love that grows within basking in contentment as nature rewards me the same.

I was cleaning my stuff about a week ago and found this page
from one of the notebooks where I scribbled some rambling thoughts summer of
last year. I thought I should take a photo before I throw it out.


  1. hmm... nostalgia... what a pleasure we can all indulge in... your note brings me thoughts of a vivid sunny day after the rain :-)

  2. July 21, 2011 at 11:42 PM. How time flies. We live and we die and all for what? - tonight, I realized that the answer is: I am here to give away myself. To give away my life, for I create my realities and these realities are what I can share to this world. I am here to create abundance. I am here to create Joy and happiness. I am here to create peace and harmony. I am here to create forgiveness and beauty. I am here to feel good and make others feel good. I am here to be as close as I can to God. I am here to recognize my creator and be as much like him as I could be while I am here in this human form, in this skin that I am in - carried by this body that will die. This is my mission. This is my purpose. This is my intention.


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