Happy Holidays!


  1. Blog Pics are very EXCELLENT as usual, you really know how to capture mood and project feeling in your pics.... Paul

  2. Hi Edgar and Ron,

    I hope you had a wonderful christmas and a very happy new year. it's only now that I had the chance to open my e mail, but anyway it's not too late to send my greetings.
    Hers as usual wer'e happy that we received our 13th month bonus and an additional incentives from the government. I visited my folks in Sablan had fun with my relatives. We enjoyed the long vacation and on monday we will be back to work.

    Again may this 2009 be happy and fruitful year to every one.

  3. EDGAR, May the ending of the year remind you of all the blessings that GOD has given us, and May the New Year begin with peace, happiness and fulfillment of our dreams. I WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hugs & Best Wishes,

  4. Hi Edgar and Ron,

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!!!!!!I was searching the internet the other day for free movies from the Philipines and I found this sight, we hope you enjoy this sight too. Lots of Love and best wishes for both You and Ron. God bless you both

    Dad and Riza.

  5. hi dude thanks for the well wishes.i wish u and all your dear ones - same - happiness, peace,safety and good health. please keep in touch. all the best for 2009. best wishes

  6. Happy New Year and Happy Three Kings!

    Thanks for your wonderful message and wish for me and my family, may you also have a fruitful year and with God's blessing for 2009.

    Missing you,

    Ate Nitz

  7. thanks God bless


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