Christmas 2008!

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--> Here is a Christmas Entertainment to make you smile

Another year is coming to an end. Isn't it amazing how life is? This year has been a good one. I remember working at the Stanford Inn as a Housekeeper on the first 2 weeks of January, and before that month ended, I was back working for Mr. Farrell. I worked with him from late january until mid-April. That same month, I finally got my Landed Immigrant status and as a benefit of being a permanent resident, I was now allowed to study. So I quit my job and had gone back to school by June. During the summer, Ron and I got to travel a lot to Kamloops, Edmonton, Nelson, Calgary, Fort Saint John, Vancouver and we were able to do some a few hikes in Alberta (one of which I did in memory of my mom who passed away in September 2006) Summer was wonderful. We enjoyed visiting friends and Ron's Family. Although, I still haven't been able to visit any member of my family from the Philippines since 2006, at least the e-mails and the phone calls were comforting. This year my family had lost auntie Getty (mom's side), and also my uncle and another auntie (from dad's side). That was another sad moment for everyone in the family. I also had several car dramas this year which included the engine close to burning, and my brakes getting damaged and an enless list of problems that were costly. I stopped insurance on my car and will resume using my car again in the summer or when I will be in Cranbrook as a full time student. Ron has been on several lay-offs this year as well due to the Lumber Market Crisis affecting the sawmill where he works. But we are fine - Thank God. Here is wishing you all the best this holiday season and all the best for 2009 as well! I love you! Spread the love! Edgar (and Ron)


  1. thanks merry christmas back and a very happy new year to you.may it be full of adventures as i like seeing them through your blogs. best wishes!!

  2. Hi there insan! hope ur enjoying the holiday season! Hay tapos na naman Chritmas tapos New year na naman..ang bilis ng panahon! Auntie Angie & her family had their vacation din pala last month ba un?ayon, nagkita kita naman sila nila mama at auntie sa QM..

    Musta ka naman dyan? I enjoyed viewing ur pics..grabe..nakaka inspire at nakakapagpanaginip..heheh...sana balang araw il have the chance para maka travel din..

    We're all good here..hope you are also!

    Regards to Ron & stay happy always!
    Take care!

  3. ok lng nmn po...hehehehe....kaw?hows life?

  4. Hi....thanks for the comments...Happy Holidays and wish you good health and peace of mind this coming 2009...

    Take care always,
    Ben and Beth

  5. to I'm doin fine naman,and masaya ang Christmas dito. I've spend it with Rosinni family and Mariel,they are my family here in Canada hehehe.. How about you? Daming party bang pinuntahan nyo? Hope to see you at Ate Elma's house,we'll all be there for New Year's Eve party. Punta ka ha..
    Take care lagi..

  6. Hi Dear, long time no heard from you! I'm fine, we're ok! How about you? hope you're always fine ha!. Yes the holiday season here is fine, but dry, not like in P.I. maingay, I mean you can really feel the spirit of X-mas you know! I hope someday makabakasyon din kami during this seasons. How about you, I know it's so cold there by this time, but i'm sure sanay kana, dito nman it's so hot & warm, pro nasasanay na din kami. Anyway take care, & have a Happy & Prosperous New Year!!

  7. hi kabsat! happy holidays to you too! the high school yahoo groups is a fantastic idea! yngat lagi!

  8. It's Kaye! Couldn't sleep tonight. I decided to google myself (just bored, not being eccentric) LOL! Then, found your blogsite. Your pictures are wonderful!

    How are you? Guess I don't need to ask that. It is all reflected on the works of art that you create for people to see and find inspiration in.

    Best wishes. Thanks for leaving trails behind so I can keep in touch of you.

  9. Hi Edgar,

    Hope you had a wonderful christmas and a prosperous new year ahead.

    Ate Lucille, Kuya Litz, Adrienne and Nicole are here with us in Singapore. We just came from a 3N,4Days adventure in Kuala Lumpur and the Genting Highlands in Malaysia.

    You take care of yourself there. God bless.


    Donna, Guideon and Guimelle

  10. HAPPY XMAS AND A MERRY NEW YEAR!!!!!! inyah ngay padli?????!!!!???? glad your up and about with your blogs again.... i was wondering what happenned way back then. sayang met digidiay old nga photos and blogs mo.... well... as they say... we loose some to have more room for the upcoming.... still.....

    well... anyways.... i like reading and watching your posts.... they are "real" as i say.... no fakes no inhibitions just plain thoughts and random everyday musings

  11. Dearest beloved cousin Edgar, 2009 is finally here, and with that another notch on our belt marking a wonderful year past filled with learning and memorable experiences! Hark to our Lord for keeping you safe and happy.

    Peace, Love & Happiness,
    Manang Julie Nievera-Aluyen

  12. have a blessed and memorable 2009! :)

    may you have more inspiring photos and stories to share!

  13. hi bro and ron...
    kamustas amigos?
    first, merry christmas to both of you.

    yes, the year is at its end...as we look back,various things happened.

    fortunate and unfortunate things as well.deapite the undesirable things, we still tried a step forward till we get a big leap. as for me, 2008 has been the year of my peak and trough.im really grateful because of all the blessings i had.these blessings no matter how tiny they were accounted for the biggest blessings of all...and that is happiness.

    let's continue praying for strength and the most important of all..LOVE.


    totz and loraine


  15. hello kuya, merry christmas, BOT meeting and then xmas party ng POST yesterday. ingat lagi dyan. miss you

  16. hi my dear friend, just wishing you and all those dear to you - the merriest of Christmas and a very prosperous 2009. and - here's looking forward to catch up in the new year.. take care and have a safe journey - wherever you go. and - enjoy!!! warm


  17. Merry Christmas to you all.Love , The Lagmans' in Temecula, The Zegars'

  18. Wishing you all a most joyous season and a happy and prosperous

    New Year Warm Regards !


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