December 1-15, 2008 Photos

Dear Family and Friends, December is here once again. On my side of the globe, the weather had really turned winter now. It's time to once again "psyche" myself to love winter. I love winter. I love winter. I love winter. I love winter. *sigh* (maybe saying that will actually make me not mind winter as much). It is during this cold season that I wish I could be back in the perfect weather of Baguio City, Philippines. This year's summer seemed really short now that I try and recall. We were just so busy that time flew by so fast. My challenges are still the same of corse. School. Someday soon, I will complete my goals. Patience Edgar.

Early this month, I was falling asleep in class, so I decided to go out for a 15 minute walk to wake myself up. I remember having the wrong footwear (Runners) and my feet started getting really cold. Plus It was awkward walking, because my shoes do not have very good traction. I didn't want to slip. I took tiny steps. It looked funny. Lesson learned. When I got home, I went to the shed to retrieve my winter boots along with the rest of my winter jackets, and long johns, Scarf, Toque - the whole works. I know how miserable it gets not having the right clothes during winter time.

I found this at the waiting area in a clinic in Fernie.

Something about this photo that makes me sad. Can you tell what I'm am thinking?

The Lucky Star - Cranbrook, BC.


Today I decided to make a shelf. It felt good to create something. The finished product was a bit rough looking though. (I didn't paint it, or sand it - but it did what it was meant for) This was just the start of the "construction". It was fun. The shelf only cost me $3.75. All the materials are from scraps at the shed. It's good to recycle.

The Filipino Christmas Party at the Saint Mary's Hall in Cranbrook, BC. There were a lot of people there! The Filipino community seemed to have doubled in the four years that I have been here. There's a lot of new workers.

I Decided to create a blog for the Filipino Community in the area. I don't know if it will be utilized by the people concerned, but I'm just hoping maybe it could help. In some ways, bring the Filipino community together. No one else has volunteered to help manage the site, or contribute to it. I hope that will change in time.

I was browsing the web one morning, and found (through another person's blog) that my winning photo in the BC 150 photo contest was already in the "London Drugs BC150 2009 Photo Calendar". I spotted my photo on the cover of the calendar. It made me happy. I do not think London Drugs is going to even send me a copy. It cost $29.95 and proceeds are going to help the Children's fund.

The lake is now frozen.

You see how cold it is now? Minus 24 degrees Celsius

Walked to the Hilltop one evening to buy some beer. FReezing cold! My face felt frozen! It was just a 7 minute walk!

Walking one evening to the store.

Outside the Kitchen window. Just to show you how cold it is! We couldn't open the window. It was frozen stuck.

December 14, 2008 - Ron's birthday today! He is now 54. We had prime rib roast! and we had a great time at home. It was fun! That's my e-mail for now. Hope you enjoyed the photos. Sending you all my love. Big Hugs, Edgar


  1. Merry xmas bro hope u r always healthy God Bless

  2. Great photos, as always. You have a great talent at recording moments in time. Cheers Paul

  3. congrats on getting your photo on their calendar! although, i think they should have at least the courtesy to send you a free copy or contact you directly that your photo made it to their calendar.

    stay warm!

  4. I'm falling in love with your camera! ha ha ha!

    I didn't see that winning photo, did you post it in your blog? want to see!

    winter winter winter! I know photos are extremely beautiful during sunny weather and blue skies, but it is still very coooold! brrrrrr!

  5. hi kuya ed,
    you are so so proud of u.keep up the good work...merry xmas!may this 2009 brings u more blessings.God bless...Congrats on ur photos!

  6. hi edgar!!!

    brr. it's cold there alright. good to know someone is colder than i am now, ha-ha. i like the roast. bet it tastes good! hugs x nina


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