January 1-15, 2009

This is the neighbor's dog barking. The heat coming from the exhaust created this effect. I thought it was cool. It was cool.

Out for a walk -

oh snow!

I like it when the sun is out and lots of snow. It feels HAPPY.

Fast food - A&W, Fernie.


Frank and everyone too is going through transition.

Out for a walk - on other days

cold cold cold. I feel sad.

My snow angel. Very small wings though. I like looking at the rainbow colors on the snow when the sun hits it. I couldn't capture it with my camera though.

Windows from the cabin and the trailer.


  1. Thanks for the beautiful photos Edgar. It always relaxes me to look at them!


  2. Your photos are beautiful, Edgar. There is so much poetry in it... so much soul. Glad I stumbled upon this blog. :)


    p.s. Nasa Canada ka na pala.

  3. nice, nice, go on capturing the beauty of the world we live in..

  4. wow, it's very much a winter wonderland out there! and i thought our snowsstorms were bad! hehe.

    love the snow angel photo! :)

  5. Hi, just visit ur blog. ang gaganda ng kuha mo, un composition,wala me masabi.bago p lang me kaya puros trial and error p lang ginagawa ko.


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