November 2008

By the way, I just uploaded a new video on YouTube for a video Contest at the College of the Rockies. If you have time, please Visit the video and Rate it. Then Leave some comments. First Prize is only $250 cash (better than nothing). I hope I win. I could sure use the cash to add to my $250 gift card from london drugs, so I could purchase a new Camera

Go To My YouTube Video & RATE it Please. If you can, please make sure to log-in on your YouTube account (if you have one) so you could comment on the YouTube Video!

Love you All!

Big Hugs,
Edgar Lorenzo F. Nievera


  1. Good Morning Edgar - You are so talented... great update, the pics are very creative and the videos just so well done. Cheers Paul

  2. a testament of our human will to survive whatever life throws our way... a moving piece of art that captures our very own sorrows and triumphs, sadness and happiness, failures and success in our life here in a place we now call home....

    way to go ed... its good to know that you're ok and doing fine there.... wishing you all the best.... this video is an outright winner... god bless friend....

  3. WOW.. the video is so inspiring. With God's grace i know you will attain your goal. Godbless you friend.

  4. wow! cool one couz!! Good one. Good luck! I know you can make it! I believe in you. And yes, dreams do come true... Just believe in yourself and your capabilities. God bless.

  5. beautiful and real. Nice work

  6. Nice Bro. Narrated in Tagalog... it's like an inspirational TV ad, for other Filipinos going abroad.

  7. The winning video will be awarded $250 cash!

    People's Choice will be decided by YouTube viewers.

    Vote and comment on your favourites, and get your friends and family to vote, too!

    The People's Choice winner gets a cool Flip video camera! (valued at $150)

    Please leave some comments! and Rate my video (ON YOU TUBE SITE), Thanks!

  8. I love the pictures and looked like you had a great time at the gala night ,looking all dashing there! xoxo,I had been busy lately and seldom been on my blog.Tell us what you will be doing christmas ,will ya? Loads of love xx

  9. hi ed,

    i posted it sa multiply video section and copied your description sa youtbue.

    i don't find it corny at all,nice that you narrate in english and then the subtitle in english shows.

    bonggacious bongga!

    take care,

  10. thank you, for adding me on flickr mail

    their are times,when i want to check your blogspot.. i type
    inspire right away and gets this blog instead:

    then i remember it is enievera...

    enjoy the snow! i had to learn how to skate ...if i could
    keep my balance hehehe!

    take care,


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