September 2 to 8, 2008

September 2, 2008 - Tuesday
Somewhere in Red Deer, Alberta - I took this as Ron, Frank and Myself were heading to Calgary from Fort Saint John, BC. We had dinner at Glenns Restaurant. I thought I saw a Filipina waitress there. I didn't get the chance to say Hello though. She had left before I had the chance. I had also found out from this trip that Almost all the A&W Burger chains had Filipino women workers. I got to talk to a few of them. Some were asking me for advice on Immigration matters. I didn't really know what to say. I just wished them luck and hope they succeed.

September 3, 2008 - Somewhere in Alberta. I took this photo when we were heading back home to Elko. The sky was pouring rain at some distance away. It was a very dramatic scene.

Rain in Alberta.

If you look closely, To the left you can see the Rain pouring while behind it, you see sunshine. It was just so beautiful. As I stood there taking photos, I paused and just breathed in the air. Close my eyes and feel the cold breeze. It was so wonderful.

School bus filled with school kids heading home. Makes me wonder what it would be like for these kids, living in the prairies. These kids - they are so blessed. Makes me smile.

September 4, 2008 - "A NEW PUPPET FRIEND" I had gone back to my classes today. I happen to stop by this store in Fernie, BC that was filled with wonderful artworks and paintings. I was so happy just staring at the different works of art. I have no need to own it though. I find contentment in just looking and appreciating. Then I found this little thing (A finger puppet). I thought I might like to have it along with me for company. I don't have any name fot "it" yet. I don;t even know if it's a dog or a mouse. Ron says, it's a mouse. I say it's a dog. What do you think?

After classes today, I decided to go swimming. Here I am at the locker room. The swimming pool in Fernie was empty that day. It was good to swim. But I had to struggle to finish my 30th lap. I am sooo out of shape.

I think I may have taken a photo of the Fernie Aquatic Center before. This is where I swim most of the time nowadays.

September 5, 2008 - Next day. Back in school. Doing Mathematics as usual. From this photo, It's as if I am in Kinder garten school. Ha ha ha. I found a use for the finger puppet today. It doubles as a case for my portable tripod. The Tripod also becomes the puppet's legs. Neat huh?

Today's Lunch Special at the Ginger Beef Restaurant in Fernie, BC. Omelette with fried rice and wonton soup. Takes forever! I am talking half an hour for this meal. I ate lunch by myself.

For that lunch "Special" 9 dollars and 98 cents. I think that would be equivalent to P450.00 Pesos and 1,017 Japanese Yen and 13.64 Singapore Dollars. What do think about that? Simpleng itlog, Rice sopas at isang basong tubig. Mahal ano?

Laundry day - Araw na para maglaba!

September 6, 2008 - This is what I was working on that day. My present (and Ron's too) for our friends Ping-ping and Dwayne. I was their photographer and now I was "packaging" their wedding album presentation. The lay-out and the editing took me a long time. But it was nice to do it for a very good friend. Lot's of love put into that wedding album. It's good to know a little bit about photography sometimes. It comes in handy on good occasions.

September 8, 2008 - Monday . First day in school for the week. I was tired from studying a few hours and needed to go out and walk. I need to keep myself awake as I was a bit exhausted. That walk was pretty good. I came back to class with more vigor and energy - ready to study some more.

Today, I received my new Philippine passport. Now I can travel outside of Canada again. Unfortunately though, I still need to get my studies done so I could get back into the workforce and be able to earn money so I can actually do it. For now, as always - "patience" and "FOCUS". It will be done.

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  1. Edgar,
    You do nice work with your photograpy, I'm glad you have your passport now, will it take adifferent passport to come to the US ? We hope someday to see you again!!!!! Your lunch special made Riza and I hungury, Ginger Beef Yum Yum!!!!!!!! Talk to you soon God bless


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