September 21, 2008 - Sunday

I had Instructed Ron to take this photo for me. The fall colors are here. This was taken around Paul's neighborhood in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The same day Ron and I will be heading back home to Elko after the Hike.

Here is Ron while we were on our way to Paul's Apartment. I always get left behind because I am always taking photos. Everybody is used to that by now.

Taking a photo of me while Ron was driving us home.

Decided to have pizza instead of cooking dinner that night. It was a good day.


  1. you know what? I think I in fact met you personally sometime either in 1999 or 2000. we were introduced by grace bandoy...

  2. hello edgar,
    i love reading and seeing you in your adventures. thank you for always sharing your thoughts and day with us. missing you very much and also thinking of your mom. allen and i were watching our wedding promises and caught glimpses of her beautiful face in the background. with our love...

    hugs and kisses
    abby, allen, akira and story


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