August 2008 - Part 2

Dear Friends and Family, The time flies fast indeed. August 2008 has now come to an end. Summer has been filled with so much going on. I love summer. I wish we could all be together having wonderful times. Love you all. Hope you enjoy this month's photos from my side of the globe.

August 17, 2007 - Sunday at the Surveyors Lake. I took so many photos at the lake today but I thought to upload only two photos. This is one of those two.

August 17, 2007 - Sunday at the Surveyors Lake. A man just enjoying a book while his family was having a blast at the lake. I enjoy moments like this myself.

August 19, 2008 - Tuesday. A very good reminder from my fortune cookie.

Taken at Overwaitea. Ron and I were shopping that afternoon. I seem to not have that much interest when It comes to doing groceries - but oh well...

Ping-Ping and Dwayne Goodine got married today August 23, 2008. I took their wedding photos. It was a very private and quiet wedding. It was an honor to be Invited. Congrats to the couple and all the best wishes!

Mr and Mrs. Goodine

Just what I thought - My photo taken last August 27 on a lovely afternoon walk in Cranbrook.

This was that walk. That's Ron and his Friend.

August 27, 2008 - Wednesday. This morning we left Elko at around 8:00. The plan was to Drive to Calgary - rent a van and drive to Whitecourt Alberta to pick up Lori and Carmen. Next day, drive to Fort Saint John, BC to attend the wedding or Ron's niece Tammy and Larry. My music and memories kept my mind busy throughout the very long trip up north.

This was taken in one of the Denny's Restaurant chain in Calgary, Alberta. It took more than 9 minutes for the coffee to come and more than 23 minutes for the food to come. I think maybe that's why I enjoyed the food. By the time it got there, I was starving. hehehe. (kidding)

August 27, 2008 - Wednesday. On the road again. I took this on our way to Whitecourt, Alberta.

August 28, 2008 - Thursday. I took this photo from the room where we checked-in at the Green Gables Motel in Whitecourt. That morning, as we were all preparing to pack our suitcases and get ready for another day's trip, I saw Frank in a very interesting moment. It's always good to have my Camera handy.

August 28, 2008 - Thursday. This was one of the major stories of the day. Throughout Canada, Maple Leaf was recalling all of their products because of contamination. Here is Carmen's expression as I read the news to them.

August 28, 2008 - Thursday. Alone with my thoughts and a piece of paper, sitting at the back of the rent-a-van. I just needed to express some of my thoughts. My mind was a bit "noisy" that day. It's good to get rid of useless toxic thoughts. I do not need any of that thanks! 5 minutes of writing honesty and I am again good as can be. The toxins thrown away.

I had a Rum and Coke (not my favorite) and a Long Island Iced Tea during a break. Ron was doing all the driving, so I could afford to drink. It was very nice indeed.

August 28, 2008 - Thursday - Another Frank Moment

August 28, 2008 - Thursday. After our short break and on our way to Fort Saint John, BC. Here I am with Frank, Carmen and Lori.

On the Road again - herds of them.

August 28, 2008 - Taken in Dawson Creek, BC. I thought the Hotel looked Interesting.

August 28, 2008 - Thursday - Finally arrived at Tammy and Larry's place in Fort Saint John, BC. We had a nice bonfire and I met some Interesting people in their neighborhood.

August 29, 2008 - Friday - Downtown Fort Saint John, BC

August 30, 2008 - Saturday . Frank having his breakfast with a handsome dad and his little baby were in the background. Frank liked the little baby - in fact that's why he had a great smile when I took this photo.

I wasn't at her face when I took this photo. I noticed she was looking my way, so I used my zoom lens to see if she was and she did!

August 30, 2008 - Saturday. Today is Tammy and Larry's wedding day. I put on some better looking clothes (I wish I had better clothes hahah). I want to buy new clothes but all has it's proper time. Patience. Patience for now.

Brothers. From left - Ron, Randolph and Eric

The Garden Wedding

The Garden Wedding

Kendra. Such a beautiful little girl!

The Garden Wedding

Frank - looking at his Grand Daughter getting married

Reception at the Bride and Groom's Residence.

A Dance Floor, Bonfire, Lots of people, lots of drinks and Music. Everybody is happy!

Colored Flames courtesy of Olga.

August 31, 2008 - Next Day - Sunday

The last time I did this was in Camp John Hay, Baguio City, Philippines . I was 7 or 9 years old back then. I remember my mom watching me as I jumped up and down with so much glee!

It's still fun, but I find my bones and my muscles are not as good as when I was a child. Oh! It would be wonderful to be youthful all the time, but reality does exist. Here is my reality. I am not complaining. hahaha. I am 32 years old!!! I asked Ron to take these photos from his camera as the multi frame shots aren't available on my camera. Thanks for the photo Ron!

August 31, 2008 - Sunday night's dinner.

Late evening (around 1:00 AM) - This was taken at the Best Western Hotel. They were doing some renos on the entrance of the Hotel.

Very Rude Front Desk Clerk. His name is Jay Martin. At 1:00 AM on September 1, 2008, I was walking from the parking lot on my way to to go in the Best Western motel. The front desk Clerk was out smoking. The Front Desk Man (I later learned his name is Jay Martin), was smoking at the entrance of the motel. I said "good evening, enjoying your smoke break?" He said "yup. I got to keep my eyes open at the front desk". I said "well enjoy your smokes!" and as I was walking to open the door he said "Faggot!"

There were only two of us there. So I asked him " What did you just say?" and he said "oh , I meant thanks" I was opening the door that time and he walked right in.

That bothered me. So when I got back to my room I called front desk and he answered. I told him " I heard exactly what you said. You called me faggot. That was rude" He said "I'm sorry sir, It will never happen again."

That was a very very unpleasant experience for me. How could Best Western hire that guy for a front desk? Before Check out time, a day later, I made sure the manager knew about this. She said she would talk to the guy. I don't recommend this place.

September 1, 2008 - This was my lunch that day. The Before and After photos. hahaha. I was soooo stuffed! "oink! oink!" I got to stop eating.

September 3, 2008 - Wednesday afternoon. On our way back to Elko,I decided to take a photo break. haha

September 3, 2008 - Wednesday. Finally arrived safely home to Elko. This is the Elko Gas station which is just 3 minutes away from home.


  1. Dearest edgar,

    Will you go back to that motel again and tell that guy who called you faggot, that you have a message for him from your friend. and the message goes like this "PUTANG INA MO!!!"and give him a liitle homework, by asking him to look at the Tagalog dictionary the meaning of the word, so he would see for himself.

    i also had the same UGLY experience, but i never pass up the chance na ipahiya sya sa lahat ng nakakita sa amin,by saying, Hoy sinong bakla, bakit nachupa naba kita? sabi ng mga tao, oh eh di nakatapat ka ng matapang na bading!! and that made him realized that messing up with people like us is no good idea,..and to even say the word bakla, hello!!!

    i am Gay, Happy, Loud & Proud,!!!so go! enjoy life, be happy and free! and keep fighting for our rights!!

    Miss you my dearest edgar!!!


  2. Hi Edgar,

    You left out the healthiest part of your meal!
    Do eat your veggies next time.


  3. Dear Edgar,

    I'm not really prepared to create a whole blog right now: otherwise I would have just left you this comment on your "Photo Emails to Family and Friends" site. (I don't have an account there.) A lady at one of the forums I go to left a link to your site, because she loves BC, and she said you had beautiful pictures of it. And so you do!

    But on even more than your photography, I wanted to tell you that I have become interested now, going back and back through your pages, as your journey unfolds, from now to then, and then to now.

    I tell you this hopefully to illustrate that your blog tells a story, and the reader roots for the good guy's happiness (i.e., you). It certainly is a sign of a tale told well, that the reader wants to know what happens next! It's a funny experience, this internet, where we become lurking, silent voyeurs into the life of another.

    I almost feel I should apologize for it! But I felt it important to tell you how refreshing your site is, especially as I have overdosed on endless pontification and debate and tough verbal antics on the internet .

    Your site speaks from the heart, and it is purely you. The pure you. Thank-you so much for that.

    I have a few more months to get through: I can tell that the year 2006 was important, so I wanted to take my time through those.

    At any rate, I noticed your feed on your site -- I'm the one coming from Virginia. I'm an old lady named Vicki, of no particular consequence.

    I just wanted to thank you, E. You really do inspire! Breezy days and good nights,

    Vicki from Virginia


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