August in Elko

Dear Friends and Family,

The temperature has been really high here for a while and It's like Philippine weather. Everybody is enjoying the summer heat with trips to visit friends and family and going to the lakes. I don't mind the heat of summer. I am hoping everybody is doing well. I am sending my love to all of you.

With Kathy. She is one of our friends from Fernie. Ron, Kathy and I went out walking one afternoon under the heat of the sun! oh my! quite a change - It makes walking harder.

One of the mountains from our short walk that afternoon.

Ron, Fox and Kathy by the bridge.

Frankie and Debbie came to visit one day. Here they are with Ron on one of our afternoon walk around Elko.

The neighbor's gate.

Some teenagers enjoying the summer by hanging out close to the river.

Little Girl running with her dog.

Frankie and Debbie's Visit.

It's good to recycle. With all the popcans and beer cans and plastic bottles we have accumulated in the shed, We had gotten $55.85 back! Isn't that great!

This is the Bottle depot. It was quite busy when i was there. But I find that after having done several trips there for the past months, I have somehow developed a very efficient way of sorting recyclables.

I wonder what "HELL" this little cart went through to get in such poor shape? I saw this at auntie Pepitas backyard. I think she rescued the poor thing from the streets. hehe.

Ribs - Filipino style. It has a bit of sweetness to it. Very very good.

Tita Juanita's birthday party. Happy Birthday Tita!

Behind the fence.

Marichu and Alfonse Portrait... oops!

I eventually got a more decent shot other than this, but I like the candidness of this photo.

I returned my iPod nano and added a little bit more money so I could get this iPod - iTouch - It does so many things. Videos, You Tube, Browsing the web, Address book, e-mails, It even had maps, Plays music, Podcasts, Calculator, Photos in a tiny but very expensive budget. It you get an e-mail from me and it is so short, chances are i wrote it from my iTouch. I am amazed at how far technology has gone with these tiny devices.

DQ - One hot afternoon, it was their airconditioning that attracted me, not the food. Where I got to read the paper and relax a bit.

A photo from the newspaper I was reading at that time.

A few weeks ago, Headline News was so horrifying that I had nightmares. This is the photo of the man who wad identified as having stabbed, beheaded and Eaten another man who was sleeping at the back of a Greyhound Bus, one night in Saskatchewan. The details of it were so unbelievable - Like a horror movie. The night after I had read it, I woke up screaming! I had taken the Greyhound bus several times in the past 4 years and I remember having sat and slept at the back of the many times.

I took this while I was driving home.

This is how I take photos when I am driving. My eyes are still focused on the road ahead. My photos will all be just "guesses and approximates" sometimes they turn out OK.

Summer Basket

The Burger stand - Ron enjoying his onion rings and hotdog!

On our way to the lake today, we had stopped by the gas station and I had the chance to see what the tabloids have to say. Charles has a GAY Secret? hmmmm. If he did, he might as well spare everyone from the drama and admit to it. So shallow!!! Who cares if he had a gay secret anyway?

An old store in Jaffray. This store is about 100 years old now. Thus the design. hehe. It was wonderful!

Happy mother and her kids in Surveyors lake, which is only 11 minutes away from home.

Edgar Lorenzo F. Nievera , It is me who you are reading.

Ron and Mike walking around Surveyors Lake.

Little Girl on the Tarzan swing!

I missed the splashing moment!

Me again.

Fish in the Lake. So lovely seeing these creatures in their natural habitat.

This was so beautiful! 2 little turtles just swimming about in the quiet blue lake!

Yup we walked the trail.

Somewhere is Ron and Mike

Edgar Lorenzo F. Nievera .

The pupils are rectangular! -

Here is Fox giving a model pose! hahahah!

The Neighbor's House and Tim's Flowers!

Flowers at home! All so colorful! Tim has the green thumb!

A windy night. It was quite a relief because it was really warm.

The cat caught it. We had to shoo the cat before he ruins the poor thing

Very warm summer night. Love it!

Our instant "Bonfire" effect by the deck.


  1. hi insan, kasta a just keep in touch.. we all fine here though typhoon hit us past 2 days kaya suspended classes...

    40 days anti getty on aug 25 so we have to attend morning mass at 630 at resuurection church..

    bye bye take extra care.

    your manang

  2. Hey bro,

    I just arrived from work. And i just decided to check my mail too! Glad to know your really doing well there. The pix you send are great!! Where ok here. Antot, qryze and i haven't gotten together since Antot got married! But we're planning one. Till next time bro! Regards to Ron!



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