A Wintery Walk in Elko

January 9, 2008 - Wednesday
Walking in Elko, BC.

  • 1. "Lakad lakad sa Elko" means: Just walking around Elko
  • 2. "paaano ba e-english ito?" : now how do I say this in English!
  • 3. Correction: It's Mountain Sheep and Deer, not Mountain SHEEPS and DEERS (ayan alam ko na singular and plural form pala ang sheep and deer, Kala ko may "S")


  1. wow i like it! take care and ill see you there he he he

  2. Cute video guys! I gotta check out Elko one of these days, looks like a nice little town.

    Missed you guys the last two Fridays, hopefully you will come out again soon!


  3. Very inspired, making your own kind of music and showing off a bit of the hometown view!

  4. groovy you guys! and what was the writing i couldnt understand?
    You guys are awsome! Hope to see you at another gathering...

  5. happy new year ed! wishing you the best of this year. cool pics you got there. wow. i hope you can drop by and view you tube. just type in and search : Here For You Forever.

    God bless you. Shalom!


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