January Birthdays

Wishing you guys Happy Happy Birthday with love and prayers and big hugs to all of you!

  • January 17: Abby My cousin - Love you girl! Hope you had a blast last 17th!
  • January 12: - My auntie Angie! Nice talking to you on the phone on your birthday last 12th!
  • January 15: Ayvan James Vergara - ninong mo yata ako. I have to admit, I'm not doing a good job at it. But happy birthday! Babawi ako someday!
  • January 20: Bobby - Kuya Bob! Tagal na kitang hindi nakikita! Hope all is well!
  • January 3: Christopher - one of my best friends - O at least naki-shot ako ng make believe red horse (bud) kahit sa telepono lang!
  • January 26: Dion - love reading your column on Zigzag! Hope you had a blast!
  • Eca - My niece.. how time flies! Dalaga ka na! (many times sinabi rin sa akin yan when I was your age- nyahaha! Joke! I can laugh at it now). Do keep in touch!
  • January 5: Ate Edith, Sana masaya ka always! Na mi-miss ko yung pa-birthday mo sa office! Pancit and puto for everyone diba? Walang ganun dito.. ..*sigh*
  • January 3: Kuya Elmer, ano pa-birthday mo sa office? He he he!
  • January 30: Iandih - All the best to you! Interesting yung mga photos mo. Keep the music playing! (kahit hindi ko pa naririnig... someday I hope.
  • January 30: Japs - Nalasing ka ba nung Birthday mo? heheeh! But the thing is I hope yo are happy. all the best to you friend!
  • January 10: Julieann Adalim Cruz - Happy birthday! wala akong pic of you from our BigSound days! But i saw you and Mike's Music Video. Impressed ako!
  • January 8: Karen - alam mo - featured you as a birthday Celeb last month - I think mali yung B-day reminder ko then. hehehe. But anyway I miss you! Hope your career blossoms! I miss working with you in Baguio!
  • January 5: Kaye - wishing you all the love and happiness in the world! Regards to you and your hubby (and your baby?) I have not forgotten you! Maligayang kaarawan kaibigan!
  • January 28: Maribeth - Good luck on your new adventure! Alam ko medyo challenging at first, moving to Canada - but here's wishing you all the luck and courage and spirit to get through it all! Loved your photos!
  • January 12: Monching - My dear friend, hope masaya ka dyan sa Lucena. Hinay hinay sa tequila kagaya ko ha? (Toink! hehe he remember? embarassing, nalashing ako dami pa naman tao sa bar - hindi na ako makatayo ...but I had fun. Galing mag host sa partying ang mga taga Lucena I swear!! I miss those 20's years. Tanda na ako!) Cheers!!
  • January 2: Qyle - Laki mo na! Happy birthday from ninong!
  • January 12: Uncle Rene! I bet you cooked something really addictive on you and auntie angie's birthday! Wish I could have been there to sample your cooking. You are such a good cook (everybody says so) Big Hugs and Happy Birthday!
  • January 24: Manong Timmy my dearest brother! you are my inspiration. Tawagan kita on your birthday! Hope Japan is treating you guys well. Happy Birthday! Regards to my sis-inlaw and my nephews! ni- limmakay tayo met aminen.. hehehe


  1. Thanks for the greetings my friend,,,

  2. tnx pare for rmmbring sa 30 pa bday very touched that im included in ur friends n family taht u greeted sa blog ok nmn pre kht papano....trying to apply for abroad..bka nga dyan sa canada e...heheh cge pre ingatz n lng n thx in touch!

  3. Heya!

    Thanks for the e-card! I hope you're having a great time over there! =)

    See ya around!


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