Which Do You Think Is Better?

Which of these two photos of the same subject would you prefer? This is just one of the many things I've been pre-occupied with lately. Tonight I am learning about how to recycle old poster/photo frames .


  1. i like the black kapatid. i somehow lean towards that color. ha-ha is it the same color as my soul? (( hi riky here i love the flowers they bring sunshine into the room ;-) ))

  2. Wow. I'm surprised. we both lean to that color! From here, Tim, and Ron both prefer the black as well. You see, I found some old frames that had mickey mouse, Marilyn Monroe etc. (Ang papanget na posters - nyahaha)but found the frames re-usable. So I just bought some cheap black and white cardboard papers to make a quick fix, plus double sided tapes and voila! I think deep inside, I wish i had a job as an interior decorator.. (nyahaha!) It's true!

  3. The black one provides more contrast to the flowers -- therefore looks better.


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