The Mantyhose

Last November 24, 2007 - Ron and I were cleaning out his old yellow cabin and found this from his dad's stockroom. I thought it was so funny, I should post it. This funny gift was from V. published under my blog with her consent of course. Thanks V! Big Hugs!


  1. ha ha ha ha ha i like the mantyhose, at first when i saw the word mantyhose, i cant remember if there is such word, then i found out, mamatay ako ng kakatawa
    (laugh to death ako )
    i wonder where should the balls go?


  2. Very funny:-) Daryl

  3. My co-teachers (I am at the school computer lab) shushed me to silence when I opened this... but when I showed them your "mantyhose"... they joined in... incredible! LOLZ

  4. Now I would love to see the guy who could fill them out! Wow!!

  5. I would love to see the guy that can fill them out. Wow!

  6. From elojodemateo, it`s dificult to me to write, but congratulations.


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