12.1 Walking In Snow

December 1, 2007 - Saturday, 4:05 PM, Elko, British Columbia, Canada. I had a great time doing a two-hour walk with Ron, Paul and Tim (& Fox - the dog) today. It was -15 celcius, plus the wind was blowing some. Rosie cheeks by the time we got back home. My face felt like somebody overdosed my cheeks with anesthesia. In order to enjoy outdoors in such extreme weather make sure to dress properly, otherwise it will be nothing but torture. I had to learn that the hard way so many times during the past 3 winters.

Tim, Ron, Paul & Fox - Elko, BC

Snow On Rocks - Elko, BC

Paul and Fox

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  1. hi Edgar,
    Thanks for the greetings. Merry Christmas. Regards and
    take care.

    ate monik


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