December 2, 2007 - Sunday

It was minus 14 (Celsius) today, about 4 inches of snow. Went for a walk with Ron and Fox (tim's dog). It's like winter wonderland outside. But it seems the snow affects me in a weird way. I sometimes find myself with an aching in my heart that makes me feel like crying, especially when I hear Christmas songs. I haven't seen my closest friends and family for more than 3 years now. I feel sometimes as If I would die from the heartache. I wonder why do I subject myself to such things? perhaps I need to simplify my life. I have a brain. I will eventually figure it out and learn from all these. Ha ha


  1. Hi Edgar,

    I thought you might like this YouTube video.


  2. i don't envy you. just the cold itself makes me want to hibernate. but spring is around the corner... soon :-)

  3. hey there,just finished browsing through your blog and sigh!theres someone who feel how i feel.with being away from family,being alone in a place where everything is so foreign you said its difficult tobe happy or its hard to find something to be genuinely happy about.but theres no hard and fast rule about being depress,were aloud to feel low now and again.were just but human after all.but be sure to know when to get back up and face the world again,coz if not you know where to end up hang in there,you'll make it somehow.keep rolling those cigarretes,hehe.

  4. Was nice to hear from you and glad you are doing welll . We have been busy and spent Christmas in Calgary where our 3 children all managed to get for at least 1 day together ! Have seen very little of Bob but he may be living alone soon so will see how things progress .
    I haven't been swimming but hope to get started again .
    We wish you all the best for 2008


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