February 2015

One day in February, Ron and I thought it a good Idea to just hang out and watch the world outside from a fast food place.  this reminds me of what i used to love doing in Baguio. 

One split second at work one day in February. 


 Crocus in February

 The Second Beach

 A lovely February morning in Stanley Park. 

I sold my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Craigslist. I am going back to iPhone

I love that I can Bike around again. 

The Viewing area above the Siwash Rock 

 Canadian Goose

 A couple looking at something above (Eagles)

 Canadian Geese

 The Eagle

 I bought a second hand 64GB iPhone 5 on Craigslist $400. Glad to be back to using iPhone. It works for me. 

 One day in February, I decided to put up a shelf. 

Somewhere in the City of Vancouver

Purposefully overexposed photo 

I still love to Paint. 

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