March 2015

Mornings are a great time for me to go for a bike ride.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ron in front of the Pin Pin Restaurant

A Filipino Dish

Palabok in Vancouver

A very old and rusted bike still locked to the bike rack. It must have been there for years.

Cleaning the blinds

Freshly washed curtains

Some great work done by Vancouver artists

Painted on shadows. 

I love the colors on this huge painting

Watching and waiting for pizza at home

The anticipation of pizza

First slice

Folding Laundry one day in March

We found an ice arena in our own neighbourhood

Flowers blooming in March

Out for a walk

Local art work on a wall

Born Cree Graffiti

Out with friends

Experimenting with oil pastel medium

A little post-it for me.

Good Vibrations,

Edgar Lorenzo Nievera

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