October 6-20, 2008

October 6, 2008 - Monday
I am seeing all these changes happening all around. The Air feels cooler, the leaves are just changing. Summer is really over. That was fast.

October 6, 2008 - Monday
I took this photo after a long day in school. This was taken just a few meters away from home.

Fall Colors in the mountain in Elko. I went on google to find out what this mountain is called , but I see it doesn't seem to have a name. I asked Ron and he said he didn't know either.

October 7, 2008 - Tuesday
After classes today, I had gone to the Tea Shop in Fernie, BC with two of my classmates.

These are my classmates Gina and Victoria. It was nice at the Tea house. I think I will be going there more often. They serve all sorts of coffee and some deli.

This was the view outside. Taken just in front of the College of the Rockies Campus.

October 9, 2008 - Thursday
When I woke up this morning - We had frost. It felt like winter already.

October 9, 2008 - Thursday
The Frost on Ron;s car that morning. This is "Light" frost.

Some Insignificant photos. I finally got my School ID. I'm taking some garcinia Cambogia fruit extract to suppress my appetite. My car has been giving me lot's of headaches lately. 1. Starter Problems, Sensor Problems, Anti-freeze leakage, Brake Problems... what else? Expensive though. By the time I have it all fixed, I should sell it.

October 16, 2008 - Thursday. Decided to go to the Tea house this morning and write my thoughts in a notebook. Some things I need to remember in order for me to focus on things I need to do in my life. Sometimes, we have so much going on In my head, I have to have some quiet moments to sort them all out - without the drama. When that's done , my mind is clutter free and my goals seem so much easier to achieve - my personal dramas all gone. I find moments like this empowers me from inside. Then I feel genuinely happy.

October 17, 2008 - Friday
Ron and I went to Fernie. He needed to buy some hardware supplies for some home projects.

October 17, 2008 - Friday
I had decided to go take a walk today and I had brought Fox with me.

October 17, 2008 - Friday
A change in route had led me to see this view. It looked so much better in real life ofcourse.

October 17, 2008 - Friday
Taking a break?

October 17, 2008 - Friday
We found ourselves on top of Rabbit Mountain that afternoon. Fox and Myself.

I had spent more than an hour just sitting there with Fox. It was so beautiful to be on top of a little mountain, looking at other mountains and being close to the sky. I felt so free and I was able to meditate there too. From here, I send love to the world - and I feel the connection with The Higher Power who had made me.

October 17, 2008 - Friday
Fox and Edgar (And ofcourse the tiny flower that had accidentally become the main focus)

Edgar Lorenzo F. Nievera
Taken on top of Rabbit Mountain

Just a snapshot of some of the mountains i could see from where I was sitting.

Walked back home. - Found Tim was doing some burning.

Although the fire was out of focus. I found that this photo had caught my interest. It's so abstract that It forces me to imagine what else i can see.

Tim's Fire.

My Little Blue Assistant in from of my Old laptop and my little notebook of reminders.

Sunday - October 19 , 2008
Kimberley, BC - Close to Center 64 - Where we were going to be watching a local concert of someone Ron knows.

The Details of that concert.

The Vocalist - Marta. Classical Music.

The Hall - and the Pianist Tim

The Pianist was so good! I wish i could play beautiful music too. (Sorry for the blurr)


With Tim - The Pianist. He did such a great job! Truly gifted!

Fisher Peak. Taken as we were heading to Cranbrook after the Concert.

Marco Polo Restaurant. Ron looks full doesn't he? heheheh. [He just told me I should have written it as "Ron looks full (ALL THE TIME) doesn't he?"]

Having a very short visit with Wilfred too at the Marco Polo Restaurant

My Sister is celebrating her Birthday on October 24. I remembered that this morning. I send my greeting to you ate! Happy Birthday! I wish only for your happiness and empowerment.

October 20, 2008 - Taken this afternoon at around 3:30

A smiling fire Hydrant. If it were not for the falling Leaves and the brightness of the tree - I would never have seen this. But this was just taken around the corner street from where we live. I was walking around that morning, just enjoying the cool air.

October 20, 2008
The neighbors have stacked some firewood for their outdoor wood furnace. They say that having an outdoor wood furnace is cheaper on heating - but just imagine all the work that comes along with it.

My Little blue assistant - helping me express myself. I was referring to the weather. I am perfectly fine and happy. Ron and I were at least able to go out for a wonderful afternoon walk.
Until next time, I hope you enjoyed my e-mail for this time. Sending everyone my Big hugs and love.


  1. hey saw your updates on your blogs as always you make our days seem dull in comparison.anyhoo are those tablets working? show us the differnce so we can try it out as well.does it work for women?sorry im blubbering now.till next update and keep posting.

    donna xx

  2. Hi!!!!

    The photos were all wonderful. Most of the sites....mountains...lakes....rivers.... Wow, those are the sites i want to see in person.

    We have some of those sites in the remote areas of Benguet. It was just a pity that I only have my 3 megapixel digicam with me to capture those sites. he he he!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and sites you've seen and been to!



  3. My camera is only 3.2 megapixes enteng. IT's clear enough - especially if the size you need is something for posting on the internet. unless you need to print huge photos (like posters) 3.2 megapix won't do. It becomes grainy

  4. amazing pics again. love your pics. i have to go and see canada one of these days. by the way speaking of cameras, my eldest is starting college next fall. she's taking up photography and graphics design ( a precursor to architecture, i hope) and i said i will ask you what your camera is, cos the color quality of your pics are really great. want to tell me what model it is? miss you bro. (ps. loaded old school pics on the group site)

  5. Thanks so much for that Monina! I'm going to try and look for more phtos from our high school days and hopefully be able to upload more soon (If there are still any I haven't actually added on the yahoo groups)

    The Camera I use is Canon Powershot S1 IS (That's S one "Eye" S)

    But I do not think they make them anymore. It's only a 3.2 mega pixels

    After 3 years my flash had burnt out so I am now scouting for a new Camera. I am not going to go into DSLRs yet, as They require a lot of external lenses. The one I would recommend - which I think would be really good (And I am planning on getting one for myself - when I have the money) is Canon PowerShot S5 IS (yes it's a five - just an upgraded version of my current one)

    Either that or - Olympus SP-565 UltraZoom. The only thing I hate about Olympus though - Fragile sya. As in - super careful ka dapat..Minsan nakakawalang gana kung you have to be super careful sa Camera - It takes away the fun of spontaneous photography.

    Yun lang

  6. you're indeed a creative artist Ed! good work - ang galing! hope all is well with you and Ron. take care!


  7. hello. nice to have read your comment on my blog. thank you. warrick brown dead, the actor is gary dourdan he is still alive :)
    it is the character he is portraying, warrick brown who is dead.

    the management of csi and gary have some disagreement bout his contract thats why they have to let him go. its so sad. do you watch the show?

    keep in touch ok.:)

  8. I liked your bog content, the video is amazing!


  9. To Monina, Hi! About the Camera Info you wanted:

    I just found one that your daughter might like. It is an SLR-Like camera (It is even more powerful than an SLR for a cheaper price range). This is the one I am waiting for. The model is CANON PowerShot SX10 .

    Forget about the Canon Powershot S5 IS if you have a camera like CANON PowerShot SX10 available.

    The difference: S5 has 8 Megapix and 12X optical Zoom, While the CANON PowerShot SX10 has 10 Megapix and 20X optical Zoom!

    Imagine! WOW!!! I will get that camera hopefully next year! .

    Thanks for the photos from high school! Grabe! Kaka senti ano? thats 16+ years ago. hehehe

  10. Hi cousin,

    Well, how are you, good i opened my mail after almost 3months. Been so busy for the past months, days....
    My mom passed away already last October 22, of course i feel so sad and depress,,,she was hospitalized last Oct. 11, suffered from embolic stroke, followed by deep venous thrombosis then cardiac arrest. Well, maybe thats life, sometimes i get to see myself cry a river. Last time i visited her was during the wake of my father, that was 5 mos. ago....

    Thanks to all our cousins who comforted us...i still feel a lot of pain, i just make myself busy to forget and recover from this nightmare...anyway, your pix are lovable, always email me ok...hope to see you again cousin. and take good care of yourself.



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