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Dear Everyone! Hi! I wanted to join a photo contest and I want to win!

I want my photo to win because: I want the gay minority like myself to have a voice. The photo is simply something I want people to see, to realize and be reminded that gay people like me have feelings too - and to just accept the fact that gay people have been a part of this world since God made human beings; and since there will always be GAY people forever, I think people should learn to be more tolerant and accepting. Gay people are not bad people. We do not need to be let down just because we are gay. That's all. Please, I Need your support.

Please vote for my photo below : Thanks so much!
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  1. Posted 06/14/2008 8:43 pm

    I voted for your picture, Uncle. I felt sad when I saw it. Gay people are hiding in the shadows because society refuses to accept that people are of different hues, and that being gay does not mean WE belong to another spectrum. We are humans as well. People are just too shallow to admit this to themselves, that we are part of this world, breathing, thinking, and feeling all the same as they do.

    The picture is a reflection of society today. Gay people are impelled to conform, not because we like to, but because that is just how it is. We are left with little choice. We are left to stay in the dark, and catch glimpses of the light where "average" people profusely relish. And all we can do is watch, and bask under their degradation.

    Let's just do what we have to do, and keep ourselves happy. One day, this will all be over. ;)

  2. All has been said.

  3. Hi edgar, I've voted for your photo as well, honestly I don't think we are any different.Where Im staying now most of our neighbours are gays and no one actually treat them different or anything,After all we are human .xoxo az


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